Birthday Spells and Wishes

Alright, guys, today is my birthday and everyone around me has me upset and crying. Life, ya know. So please give me your best birthday spells to make today a good day. Or just the next year in general. Anything to go along with today is welcome.

Virtual and spiritual hugs are welcomed.


Happy Birthday, @Shadow_Whispers!

Hope the coming year is the best one so far, and hope you make the most of it!



Thank you :smiling_face: All the best to you too!!

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Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Hit me up if you’d like to have a card reading about something, consider it as a birthday gift to brighten up your day :tulip:


I’m down for a reading. Id PM you but I’ve got no clue how when your profile is priveated. I’m basically an old person with technology. Anyways thank you. You guys here are like a magick family to me.

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I’m sorry if I’m being dramatic. It’s just no one understands what’s going on with me but you guys. As amazing as magick is in my life, sometimes I wish what I want would happen without it.


I’m shooting you a PM :slight_smile:

You’re not. Not being met with a certain amount of decency during non-birthday related occasions is already hard enough in my book :slight_smile: You’re deserving an appreciative environment that doesn’t make you feel bad on such an important day for you :+1:

I wish you the very best on your road ahead, with or without magical tools.


Happy birthday, buddy. Things will turn out better than you expect.

I’ll PM you a rite for free, as a gift :stuck_out_tongue: