Birthday Post: Turning 20

Happy Birthday to me! :tada::gift::birthday:
Thank you Infernal Forces for leading me to the Left Hand Path…:kissing_closed_eyes:
Thank you Satan for leading me to Satanism… :kissing_heart:
Thank you for leading me to E.A. Koetting and BALG…:smile:
Thank you Physical Body for enduring all the BS you’ve been through from childhood until now…and not breaking down :smirk:
Thank you Mind for being logical, keeping me safe, and not letting me do dumb shit…and not breaking down :heart_eyes:
Thank you ME for persevering through all the mental torture, insanity, heartache and shit that has come against us…:kissing_heart:
Thank you GODS and DEITIES for making me strong, to the point where I don’t give a fuck about a Spirit, Entity, God/Goddess, trying to hinder my ascent…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
To Me, Myself, and I… I love and appreciate you. May we live and Ascend for many more years to come…

Even if it kills us :yum::gun::bomb::facepunch: LOL


Oh it kills us in the end.

To many more years of mastering your reality. Cheers!

Happy f’ing Birthday!!

I’m more than twice your age… so I’m that much closer to my ultimate and terminal ascent.



Happy Birthday! May this year bring you many adventures and experiences!

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