Bird shit


Just got shitted heavily on my head by a nasty bird. How should i seize the opportunity regarding this superstition?


It was the universe anointing your crown chakra.


I don’t actually know how to perceive these things as for me it just sounds as a bird just shat on my head and not more than that.

Also why would the universe not do it in a much more divine way lol


Wrong place, wrong time man!


:joy: That would be the most awesome thing to say to onlookers after having it happen.


If that’s what you feel, that’s what it was.
You also felt the bird was ‘nasty’. But in reality birds are oblivious to where they poop. … So, law of attraction. You could be either attracted that as bad luck or you’re sensing it was bad luck. You create your reality on this one, I think.

Conversely, in English superstition it’s good luck.


It happened to me not long ago. A great big gull flying around shat on my head. I spent the remainder of the day looking for the blessing. :wink: lol


I have been pooped on by birds twice in my life, all in the same week and by rainbow lorikeets.

Also I have only been stung by a bee twice in my life, also in the same week, and also at the same waterpark.


God’s spirit, in the form of a swift bird, anointed me on high and set me apart from others by crowning me with a gift of nature – thereby uniting both the presence of god’s spirit and the presents of the natural world within me. In truth: I am the saviour you’ve always wanted and I’m here. Now. With you (alone)! Worship me with your money…Give me your everything. We both know you need to…



That was must of been That creep Ahura Mazda ordering that bird to fly over your head to shit on your head with malice.


I just spit my water everywhere XD


Pretty sure it’s just a bird literally shitting on you. Nothing supernatural about it. xD