Binural Beats Orgasm

Hi, so I have noticed alot of hands free orgasm using binural beats on you tube, anyone got any experince of these

What .-.


I don’t have any experience with those. I prefer the old fashion way of doing that :joy:


I tryed that out many times, nothing happens, felt nothing at all, i would vertualy have to take 1,000 viagra tablets before i get any reaction.

Are you holding the speaker against your naughty bits and turning up the volume? Sorta like a sonic vibrator?

Is that what i had to do, if so why don’t they include that in th instructions.

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You don’t just have to use binural beats. You could even use heavy metal or Barry white LOL. Just sinc your root chakra to the music. Does that make sense? Are hands free orgasms something unusual? Its an every day thing for me.

So the vibrator is in your root chakra. That would be quite a fun meditation!

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