If I have binded someone to me, will they be with me in the after life ? I did an eternal binding spell on someone but now we are not together. I cannot seem to get this person off of my mind still and I’m sure it’s the same for him, he didn’t want me to break up with him . I don’t think I want to be wrapped up with this person anymore.

I’m not sure about the afterlife, but if I were you, I would sever the binding if you don’t want to be wrapped up with the person anymore. Otherwise, the binding will keep dragging you into his life.


An eternal binding spell? I’ve heard warnings about anything “eternal”…not sure if anything eternal would work…haven’t heard about any successful stuff yet…

I guess it would depend on the type of binding if they would be with you in the afterlife. It’s not like it ties them to you, more like affects their mind/etc from what I know.

Seems like it backfired.

You probably need to unbind them from you, not sure what else.

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I hate bindings cause the targets get to be annoying. They tend to be so obsessed and so annoying… :flushed:

Workings that are ok: to increase the passion, the pleasure of great Sex, giving a touch of forbidden goodies to it even a romantic allure… :heart_eyes:


I dunno about if they would be bound to you in afterlife sounds like if it did work all witch’s would bind them selves armies of people lol.

But yea I wouldn’t worry about it affecting them in afterlife if the working wasn’t strong enough to keep them here. But yea sever I for safety of mind since you think it’s the cause for you to dwell on them even after there gone, btw your typo said he didn’t wanna break up with him made me lol even if there gay it doesn’t include our so was humorous.


The binding might only be effective within the lifetime or to the physical body (since it’s that your affecting, the brain is part of the body and that’s what causes obsession/etc). So I doubt an eternal would work…but dunno. Just ideas.

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