"Binding the feet ritual"

I think it was “most evil curse” vid but don’t quote me on that where a “binding the feet” ritual curse was explained. Only problem I have is where the fuck do I find chickens feet?? Any worthy substitutes? No place around sells uncleaned whole chickens.


Go to a butcher. Often even grocery store butchers might give you chicken feet. Go early in the day


Tried that- only get there chickens fully cleaned- no idea where from- or who’s fence to jump :laughing:

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Conjure shop.omaha.ready to use

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There we go!! So what is the significance of chickens anyway-

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It represents the binding of someone’s feet. When done well it can used for protection or destructive magick.

By tying someone’s feet you make them not be able to move against you.

Depending on other things you decide to add you could basically mess someone’s life up!


Kinda where I was going with things

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Ok. I’m Listing! What do you have in mind?

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Pm’d this one :skull_and_crossbones:

Ok ill check

Actually they are quite easy to find online- all my local meat shop chickens come already cleaned- you can buy them by the pound for cooking broth or dehydration for dog treats or whatever- a lot cheaper then magic stores. But that’s not my ramble- is there a technical (for lack of better word) significance behind Eric’s instruction to bury 3 feet deep in cemetery? Is there a significance behind the measurement (number) 3 here? I’m not suggesting that I break the law by trespassing potential quasi “destruction” of private property in a cemetery- but just for the sake of conversation I’m not lazy and against the 3 feet but maybe I might “be in a hurry”.


Mexican meat market :smirk::kissing_heart: wow lol this was 9 months ago.

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cemetery meaning is pretty straightfoward with its associations to death and “final rest” whether it is the person or their negative intent.

I would think the 3 ft would be so nothing digs it up prematurely where as the whole reason bodys are buried 6ft is so animals can’t find and dig up the corpse, thats why ya don’t see coyotes and the like tryin to dig um up cause they can’t smell um that far down, makes since ya wouldnt want your spell ingredients dug up before the ritual has manifested.


I’m a procrastinator

A perfectly logical explanation. As usual the simplist answer…

I found real but cooked chicken feet in the dog toy section of the farm supply

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Yeh they have hollow ram’s horns at the one near me

I got mine off ebay 12