Binding Spirits

Hi all

Was wondering how easy and what’s exactly is involved to bind a spirit to a object? I was thinking of doing it my self and save myself money and heart ache because of so many fake items.



I am sure that there is like, at least 1,000,000 ways to do it, but if you can evoke you can bind.

From my experience you find the spirit’s superior evoke that and come to some kind of terms, then evoke the spirit you were after into an object with the authority and “green light” of its superior.

I hear that the Mastering Evocation Course goes over that in greater detail. Though I don’t know what section that is in.

I evoked Mehmi’on last year to get some more information on this and came away with a bunch of useful knowledge…then eventually ended up losing the journal I wrote it all down in. Of course.

I do recall that he told me “natural items”(ie wood, things made of metal, etc) were easier to bind spirits to as opposed to something synthetically made. If this is something you’re interested in, I’d definitely recommend working with him. Supposedly Michael knows a thing or two on the subject as well, though I never asked him about it.

I know a little about the subject. I am seeking more, and a spirit in the legions of Jezebel happens to know the way of doing so. I expect it to be necromantic binding, as she lives in the cemetery.