Binding spirits to spells

Can you bind a spirit to a spell that you created or discovered. Or is this possible

Well… yes. There are ways to control discarnate to do your every command by threatening them with the authority of other discarnates. This however is a tyrannical way of evocation. You are calling upon a discarnate and saying if you don’t do this for me I’m going to get you in big trouble. This is an awful way to build relationships with these discarnates in my opinion. If you aren’t good banishing there’s a good chance they may return to get you back. I highly advise against this. If you still want to proceed with dominating discarnates there’s some material out there.


Binding is possible, of course.

Depends on how you do it.

As John Doe mentioned, dominating any entity is just… disrespectful. Not only would you get slapped by them eventually, you would get slapped by any respectful magickian as well.

But talking to the entity and seeing if they are willing to figure something out with you, THAT is fine.

Though binding to a spell seems a little weird - perhaps asking them to help out whenever the spell is cast.


If you try to bind something more powerful than you, they’re gonna sabotage your spell. Guaranteed.


Or they joyfully pretends to be dominated by you, so they can get under your skin.

Pretend to be an idiot and people will underestimate you. That’s your chance to seize great opportunities.


I’m not trying dominant spirits at all that’s not the goal

Why do guys seem to advise against this
If binding a spirit to a spell is good
Than what’s difference between binding them to an object than to a spell

I should have asked for clarification before assuming. My apologies. So every time you use the spell X you want spirit Y to reinforce it?

Being a necromancer imparts certain lessons. I once tried to bind a spirit to a jar filled with various deathly implements. The spirit was an old Civil war soldier but had a good sense of humor. He laughed and told me to ask nicely instead. So I did. And within several days I received the thing I wanted from the spell. If you work WITH a spirit, they’ll do extra to help you. If you coerce a spirit, they’ll spend their time trying to break free of the spell and it will take considerably longer, and should they become free, you’ll have one pissed off entity .


Why do you call them discarnates???

I came across the word and feel like it’s more respectful and accurate. Discarnate (of a person or being) not having a physical body.
Vs spirit the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. Well not so much about respect i feel like it’s just more precise :slight_smile:


Sweet I always like to find something new out. Different names are cool

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Yes something like that