Binding spell to bind an enemy from casting spells

I am trying to help my best friend here. She has an enemy ( female ) who keeps casting spells. Is there a way to bind her so her spell work wont work even if she hires a professional?

Get a jar,put stuff such plants who are spikes,sharp add whatever you want name,and put in a sunny place.deaert,dry

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You can easily bind her and her magick, but not if she goes the professional route. If she hires someone, you would also have to bind the professional as well.

However, unless she is rich, it is unlikely she would be able to afford to keep a professional magician on tap to fight her war for her. Any pro she hired would most likely be a one and done kind of deal, so my advice would be to bind her, and put up some good protection for your friend. That should be all you need.

I recommend calling Fortiar, the Binding Demon, from EA Koetting’s Kingdoms of Flame. He has the power to “bind. or even destroy, the gifts of another, the permanence of which depends solely on the target’s own magical skill.”