Binding Magick

Hi Magi,

What is binding magick exactly??
What are some good books on the topic to read??


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The basic idea is you bind a thing,person,situation, power ect. to youor another or away from you or another. In terms of planetary energies, the act of binding is attributed to saturn.

For example if you bound someone in lust or to the current of lust as it were with no secondary focus. Their sex drive is likely to skyrocket in general. If you did this with the intent of making yourself the target of their lust then you would bind their lust or sex drive to you.

If you take the planetary route as the lens to operate from then you can view it as using the energies of or influence if your prefer of saturn to bind the energies of or influence of the other planets to yourself or others or to a location ect.

I cant recall any specific books that deal with just this but some have rituals geared toward this kind of work.

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Cool @Dinmiatus. Thanks for the reply.

Shanidev has worked for me previously with excellent results and he is saturn in my mythology. Im gonna excel at binding magick ;-).

I could really use some rituals or books on the topic.