Binding love spell

hi, i tried every love spell and so far no results but i am believing they are working. however, i heard that binding spells are stronger! so if anyone did a binding spell that worked please share. Can anyone suggest a binding spell which i can bind the person to me and they will come back

Notes: i don’t care about your morals or advises … just give me what i want for god sake.


That…is not how a binding spell works. All a binding does is ensure they will remain forever in your life in some way. It does NOT mean they will again resume a relationship with you, nor does it mean they will love you or want to be with you. In fact, they may come to hate and fear you.

You will be bound together in a obsessive way, like a stalker. You will find yourself drawn wherever they are, and if they try to move away from you, they will find that their plans fall through. A binding literally prevents the other person from doing anything that would take them away from you. They couldn’t hold a job that required travel, or take a promotion out of state, or even go on vacation without everything falling apart.

You will cripple their life because you are taking choice out of their hands. You know how some people come to this forum thinking they are cursed because they are having a long string of bad luck and good things that are on the cusp of manifestation are suddenly snatched away? That is what the person you bind will experience.

Please do not mistake a binding spell for a love spell because it is not. You are seeking to control someone’s life just to keep them around you. It will not affect how they feel about you.


yes i want him to be where i am all the time. but i want to him back to me i don’t care if he does not love , i love him…


There’s also the other binding spell. Where you kinda tie them up so they are passive to attack you or stop think of hurting you or stop talking gossip about you.

To be more accurate. you should change the topic to ‘binding love spell’.


You do not understand that taking the liberty of someone out of pure greed and possession is going to have collateral damage that is what DK is insinuating.

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i don’t care i want him to be with me and me alone.

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she don’t mind spending time in hell together. =o) that’s how serious she is. That’s not right. Earth is already hell so that metaphor don’t work too well. haha. we all in hell together.

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@Fallen_Human Your obsession is very unhealthy, and I’d recommend for you to take a moment to stop and contemplate why you want this person so badly, and what insecurities you are feeling that lead to this decision. You need to take note of these feelings and deal with them.

Taking away a person’s free will because you have a problem with control over situations is not going to get you what you really need.

time will change her perspective. All these expression is good for her. It let things out. You can’t just easily control someone as magick takes time to learn and do. the time it takes her to learn magick will also give time for her to think things a bit. Also it 's not unhealthy. It’s part of the process of losing someone special.

What i did that help me was to go on quora and answer a bunch of question in regards to friendship/relationships. And i get to see tons of other’s perspective. Maybe check out quora for brainstorming and expression. It help release things out. And u get to see others going through similar stuff.


Have you tried saint Elena love spell that I mentioned last time ?

i think i was clear on keep your advice to yourself!

i didn’t see that… would mind mentioning it again ?

It’s the saint Helena love spell i think you commented on the post .it was on this forum

I told you. That is not how a binding works. He will be in your life certainly, and all of his attempts at other relationships will fail, but it does not mean he will be yours.

You will be bound together, but he will not love you or necessarily want to be with you. You don’t seem to understand that a binding is done simply to prevent someone from exercising their free will. It does not affect their emotions.

Love bindings are actually a type of curse, and were a staple of old time witchcraft. If you want to do one, do it, but I want you to understand what, exactly, you are doing, and the effect it will have. A lot of beginners in magick do spells without really understanding what will happen and then get bitten in the backside.


are u sure it works?

Someone posted that it was successful for them but … They are regretting the spell.

what’s up cute hamster. So… did you figure out if you were possess after them seizure like symptoms of casting spell? j/k. …

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I wish i was possessed. Possessed by my soulmate friend so she can understand where i’m coming from. That way we can be on the same page and all will be well. =o) that’s a fantasy that will never happen. lol

I know. Your possessed by the love bug. =oP