Binding Experiments Journal!

I was inspired by @Anziel_Merkaba to start binding to objects. Thank you for your inspiration.

Last weekend I bound 5 elements to a bracelet. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Void.
The operation was a success.

I put the bracelet on and immediately felt energy spiking with slight pain up my left arm. Going to sleep on the first night with the bracelet on woke me up during the night being within each element. I dreamt of them.

I’m a water element but with the bracelet on, the fire element is activated more so. My energy feels more firey, I’m more energised. I have also noticed a shift when using void energy, which I immerse myself in to rest and recharge.

The other elements I can conjure energetically through my body, they don’t seem as dominant though.

It made me think. Why do we bind things to objects? Can we do it to ourselves? Augmentation of the physical body. A way to power up.

I figured it would have a bleeding effect on the wearer. And it has. In a way its a way to test the waters before applying them to the physical self.

With permission from the rulers of each qlipha I asked if it was okay to bind the energies of each qlipha to the bracelet.

Doing belials black alchemy I’ve experienced the qlippothic energies as a whole coursing throughout my body and energy field. I would conjure these energies at night, goto sleep bathing in these energies, then release them the next day.

It’s a energy I feel completely comfortable being in. Again the idea of binding them to the body permanently. Permanent gateways within the self. Though I get a sense performing belials black alchemy will also have a bleeding effect on the subtle bodies eventually making it permanent.

Thought Fuck it, and went through with binding each qlipha to my body tonight. And also to the bracelet. Already asked if i should do so.

Started with Nehomoth and went up the tree. The qliphas at the top seemed to be harder to bind on the bracelet.

The energies seemed to push out more towards the end. When I got to Thaumiel binding to my body. Had a kundalini rising experience. Head orgasm. Was hard to concentrate.

Then i had to the bind the 22 tunnels of set. After id finished body was rocking back and forth seeing the tree of death flashing behind my closed eyes which were rolling back in my head. As a voice said “It will settle” true to the voice, it did settle down not long after.

Will have to wait see how i feel tommorow. Not sure how i feel now :crazy_face:

Pick of the bracelet now


Interesting. You gotta keep us updated on what happens as a result of all of this.

Binding to the body isn’t any different really, I just think it’s a bit easier to calcify the bindings to an external object. I’ve done permanent invocations of the five elements and seven classical planetary forces, and it was a bit more involved to do.


Feel like ive gone a bit mad.
Body is vibrating. Lots of energy.
Might throw the headphones in to a meditation track and do a void meditation see if it smooths out the energies.

Didnt think of permanent invocations. Still learning :smile:
Ill keep updating with what happens.


Day 2.
Listened to a meditation track last night before bed with the intention of doing a void meditation. To smooth out the energies.
The meditation was more intense than usual. I could feel the recently bonded energies blanketing my energy, it was a nice feeling.

Still feeling energised after the meditation I played a game to take my mind of the whole process of the bindings. And distract my myself from the carefree madness that I felt, to give it a focal point. Worked like a charm. (God Eater 3)

Kept waking up last night, that’s all I remember. Woke up with a splitting headache this morning.
Headache went away, was scanning myself checking out these energy centres when i notice in my minds eye empty spheres below my feet WTF?

Asking what they were, “Hidden spheres of the tree of death” im like theres more?
Wondering if anyone can verify this?

Energy is still full on. With a hint of madness. Will continue exploring.

To be continued…


The previous night didn’t feel to crash hot.
Watched the marvel movie Age of ultron.
The thing that stood out the most was my eyes beaming at the sight of the infinity gems.

Before going to sleep i asked the qlippoth “show me how to use this new energy, how can I use it?” Falling asleep I felt that new found feeling of being blanketed by the qlippothic energies.

I dreamt of infinity gems, I don’t usually dream or remember my dreams unless I invoke before going to sleep. Shifting and changing reality. I take it as a message. Interesting.

Got ready for work let’s see how i go being around people. Pretty normal day work wise. Felt energised myself but not myself if that makes sense. :wink:

Forgot I bound an element to my right hand as well. Which made my left hand and arm go numb today when activatiting it, just to see how it would work. Not sure about the hand binding, going to ask my guides about that one. My palm still feels strange like theres a hole through it.

Looking forward to doing a ritual which will be on the weekend, see if there’s any difference. Might space the days out for updates.

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Day 3.
Bonded qlippothic spheres are fine, resonate with them very well.

It’s more the void element I bound to my hand thats seems to be playing up. Inspired by @Yberion “Void Hand” Bit painful like theres a hole in the hand. Thinking about it at work today.

I’ve always used these movements with my hand, unconsciously for years. Thumb to index finger, thumb to middle finger, thumb to ring finger, thumb to pinky finger.

Then Thumb to index finger on top cracking the base of the knuckle. So on for the rest of the fingers.

The idea to Bind the 4 elements to the tip of each finger came to mind. I’ve been obsessed with the idea all day.

At lunch time I googled hand augmentation, not what I was looking for. Then “Finger circuits yoga” to my surprise mudras came up. Interesting.

Thumb: Space
Index finger: Air
Middle Finger: Fire
Ring Finger: Water
Pinky Finger: Earth

Slightly different arrangement to my thoughts before researching.

I’ve also been watching alot of Qi Gong videos, I find it fascinating. They mention the body is like a battery with positive and negative.

So would that mean
Space = Negative
And the elements = Positive
Connecting them creates the loop?

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Day 4
Bathed my hand in salt the night before to see if it helps the hand, so far so good.
Asking wether I should unbind it my Matron tells me the energies will settle.

Mission for today devouring with the qlippothic spheres.

Devouring energies into the qliphotic spheres at lunch time. Heads tingling, waves throughout the body feels kinda magnetic. No issues with the qlipha bindings whatsoever. Only difference being i feel and think slightly different.

I find it easier to comunicate. I think a few qlippothic workings would help validate what has changed. I keep getting initiate go through my mind thinking of the spheres.

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Day 5
Been wearing the bracelet all week, bound with the qlippothic energies and 5 elements.
Took it off today and my arm feels so light.
It’s by no means a heavy bracelet. It feels heavier than it should be. Idea is to bind another one and give it to a friend to test.
As long as I get the ok to do so.

Not much interesting happened today, need to prepare for the weekends rituals.

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Those where a representation towards your conscious mind,
how to utilize different energetic patterns,
to achieve different specific alterations.

i recommend you get one gemstone of each color
and imbue those gemstones.
To create your own little version of the “infinity stones”,
for training purpose.

The Hands,
similar to Head -Crown Chakra,
and those Feet chakra’s you’ve found out about,
are usually a combination of the various different Energies,
that flow through you.

So they should look a little bit like lotus flowers,
each leaf having a different color.

In their natural state that is.

When you imbue a specific element to your Hand,
you should mirror the effect on the other hand,
with the opposite Element,
especially since you pointed out,
the non-imbued hand had gone Numb.

That’s a sign of Mis-alignment.

I recommend you to either remove the imbuement,
or do mirror it on the missing hand.

I confirm:

Those are correct.

The Thumb also represents self,
the index spirit,
the middle hearing,
the ring liquid,
the pinky solid.

So indeed,
those attributes are correct.

Yaah, you can define them this way.

Since the Thumb - Self is absorbing in your version,
and the elements are giving in this picture.

It is definately true,
that you can loop them.

But i would recommend,
you ignore the polarity aspect for the moment.

The correct view,
would be

Earth towards air negative. (doesn’t mix)
Earth towards fire positive. (rest’s on)
Earth towards water negative. (absorbs)
Earth towards Void Positive. (co-exist.)

Each element haves that co-relations,
and Void is neutral,
getting polarized based on the Element it’s connected with.

I’m just to lazy to go through all five,
sorry for that.

Well, it could be that the Bracelet - since it was an outside Energy enchantment,
constantly feeding back and forth with your bodies alterations you work through,
had been giving you that heavy Hand Numbness.

In that case,
that’s explaining why you were misaligned,
and unbalanced for that period of time.

And indeed,
that was on purpose then,
for you to consciously work with the specific energies,
and successfully notice the changes,
rather then them being integrated right away,
and you wondering: “Did this even work? i expected more.”

So far, you report very good results.
Please keep going,
you’re doing something very right there.

Yes, in Body Enchantments do work,
and i wear several of them.

I normally don’t address them,
since i had the impression,
it wasn’t safe material to share,
since misunderstanding them,
and overwriting the natrual order of Elements,
can over a period of time - not initially,
destroy organs,
and hurt the body quite badly.

So far,
you’ve been doing very good.

Keep up the Good Work!!

I like the Video.
It was an inspiration towards me,
when i gone through some of the stages you describe aswell,
so i think you got good guidiance there.

I referenced your work here,
since many of them will benefit,
just from reading what you’ve released so far.

I recommend you,
to look into that soon.

You’ll benefit from learning the in-body transmutation greatly.



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Thanks for the links :smile:

14. Moon Cancer ‘The Black Ones’


I actualy bought x6 30mm sphere crystals from ebay last night. With that purpose in mind. Thanks for the confirmation.

Still slightly playing up, was going to remove it if it caused more trouble. I bound it to my right hand, might actualy be better on the left. Will have to see. And as you reccommended balancing it out.

I should of asked my guides first, it was a spur of the moment thing. Though i have learned 2 valuable lessons from it.

  1. Ask for guidence before doing it
  2. I know the feeling of being out of balance

Spot on. I do see it this way.

I agree with you there. Theres potential to re wire the circuits in a dangerous way, which can cause harm. Always ask your guides.

Will look into all the links, more study material :smile:

Thank you for your help and inspiration
Much appreciated

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Very, very interesting.


Day 5
Before going to bed I invoked Hekate and with her assistance I undid the binding in my right hand. Assembling and disassembling practice.

For binding purposes I have been using physical tools and props which set the stage to change my awareness.

I wanted to do this with no tools. I had a moment where multiple pieces of information like pieces of a puzzle all came together. Gave the hand a day to settle and feels like its gone back to normal.

Being able to do rituals both ways I see as a strength so will continue to alternate.

Today vibrating the Name of the Qlipha Samael and calling forth Andramelech I asked for initiation to begin, bringing the Qliphothic energies of this sphere into my life.

Also Vibrating the Name of the Qlipha Arab Tzeric calling forth Baal I asked for initiation into that Qlipha.

Speaking with Hekate this morning, I was guided to get these initiations done, but to initiate into no more than 2 Qliphas. And so it is done.

It was a interesting experience calling forth the rulers of each Qlipha. Usually it would take me a lot longer to do. I seem more confident and capable. Another interesting thing that happened is that the conjuring of these rulers seemed to come from me instead of how i usually perceive them externaly.

They came and left from within. I saw them within my minds eye and spoke inside my head much faster and easier than ever before. Intuition also seems to have been increased. Follow it and more will be revealed.

I’ve decided against doing any more bindings for the time being to let the energies settle and work with what i have at the moment. That’s what I intuitively feel I need to do. And seek guidence on the information thats been provided. There’s so much to do.

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Glad you know when to hold back and not overdo things.

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Glad i realise that to. Might have turned out like your exploding candles but with human flesh if i continued :boom:
I was watching DR Strange the other day and theres some realy good advice in that movie.
Regarding the Living Tribunal Staff

“This is a relic, some magic is to powerful to sustain, so we imbue objects with it, allowing them to take the strain that we can not. This is the staff of the living tribunal!” Time Stamp 45:20

Which answers one of my questions why we imbue to objects.

Study time and observation time :slight_smile:

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