Binding & Cursing

So there’s this person that have caused me so much emotional pain in a very long time (almost a decade). Recently this person just pulled the last straw and i did a binding spell a few weeks ago. He didn’t speak to me in days which is a good thing and then one day sent me a message, he wasnt aggressive anymore but now just ultimately annoying. More like justifying why he does what he does. I am past anger, I am just pure hatred,unforgivable hatred.He still sends me the messages, trying to make me understand why he is doing what he is doing.I could simply ignore him but then we have a child together. I’ve cursed him in my head fueled with all the hate i have for him. Would that be enough or should i go through the whole ceremony of cursing? Also which deity is best to call?


It’s enough, now you need to let it simmer.
I recommend you shut him up by blocking him from contacting you. Most phone companies provide a block feature. You can do this at the website of your phone provider or call them.


Thank you. I really want him to suffer the same pain he put me and his child through.


If he’s a narcissist, ignoring them is the worst thing you can do to them - it starves them and hurts them. Any response validates and feeds them, giving them reason to be alive, including negative ones.

He can’t suffer the same pain because he doesn’t have the capacity to be as human as you. Get him gone and stop him from causing more damage as fast as possible.


You’re absolutely right about the validation a narcissist needs. I’ve cursed him before and something really bad happened and he was nice for a while until he got better and then he became worse than he was. So i decided to put an end.

Yeah they do that. They’re perfectly able to manipulate people into thinking they’ve changed but it’s just to reel a resource back in. You can’t blame yourself for trying, but eventually they always make you regret it.


Maybe because you cant make someone better or stop being a jackass by cursing, if i were in your place, i would make a white magic spell that influence him to change his attitude towards you or life in general, you could try doing it while you focus in the love you have for your child, and how much joy it would give you to see him happy with an armonic family…If that doesnt work, you could completely block him from your life, or in last instance find a way to make his karma bite him a bit earlier (i dont know if this is posible yet) , if he is deserving of death, the universe shall decide it.


ive tried the light approach but i believe a decade was enough. i just want the karma to hit him hard or whatever is decided upon him.