Binding a spell into a song

So I am a musician who is very in tune with the sounds of spirits, but I am wondering if this is possible.

Say I have what sounds like a normal song to someone, but embedded in the song, once listened to, is a spell that will curse/bind/whatever the target listener. Is that possible? I’ve thought about subliminal messaging but I’ve had very limited success with that.

If this is possible, this could open up HUGE possibilities with magic that I bet has been little explored. If anyone can help me explore these possibilities, I will write tutorials for everyone on the forum on how to create their own.



Music’s already a spell, words repeated to a tune are the oldest form of magick, you can probably remember ad jingles and theme songs from childhood better than entire years of your life; most music curses the listener because it speaks of failure and woe.

Note that old styles of literature and art (epic poems & legends, even cave paintings) only focused on success.

Find me 10 or 20 charts songs from the past 40 years which, if the lyrics came true for the person listening/repeating them in their minds, would result in the kinds of things most people, including on here, actually WANT?


I think you’re onto something, music IS a form of magic, and a powerful one and that.

It’s great for its ability to ilicit strong emotions.

Now, it seems like for some reason, certain artists get fame, recognition, and millions upon millions of people begging to even look upon them. I wonder how much of that is the music itself. Is there anything hidden in the music that’s triggering that?

Also, I looked up the top 100 songs of the past decade, and none of the lyrics really have much in common, which makes things interesting

I want to find out and figure out if it’s able to be harnessed, or if that same ability could’ve used both to get people to love you, to get people to bring you wealth, to bring out curses, ect.

What ARE the limits of music as a median for spellcasting. These are things I don’t know. But am trying to find out


Something I’m going to try, is sending an album to someone who is neutral towards me, but hide BOTH me saying positive subliminal messages while also playing 528 hz in the background. Quite enough so that they won’t notice. After they listen to it I’ll see if they treat me any different.

This may take a bit, so anyone who has experience in this area please respond to the thread


There are secrets about sounds you can learn. You can notice when someone is talking to you or singing if he/she is smiling or not and If is a fake or not. If he/she stands or sits while talking and so on… Seminars for Business and comerce might interest you. Anyway a subliminal said while standing is stronger than in sitting :wink:


This is definitely something to look into, thanks man


@C.Kendall you mentioned this yesterday on you live do you have anything you can add to help the OP?

I actually consecrate songs that have already been recording by artists, on their behalf. So this is the process that I specifically use.

I’ve got a system wherein I can put in the audio waves of both the vocals and music. Once done I’ll actually print off those visuals of the sound waves, I’ll combine them into one image. On top of this I’ll write the name of the artist and the name of the song.

Once done I’ll use a different colour to then use a sigil of an entity to superimpose it on the image. Mostly I use King Paimon, but if the song is specific for example a love song and the artist wants it to stir passion, romance and love in the listeners then of course I use the sigil of a love deity.

Yet the majority of the time I use King Paimon as he enchants the song to have success. I’ll actually anoint the image with consecration oil, burn various herbs associated with the type of song and fumigate it.
Once done I’ll charge, activate and open the sigil of the spirit superimposed on it.

I’ll evoke it, consecrate the song and I’ll play the song throughout the ritual too, I’ll then anoint it with my blood and do some basic energy work.


Thats actually how psalm magick is done

Can you explain?

The key to psalm magick is to sing them. Each psalm has an underlying topic, by singing them you are activating this underlying force. A lot of hoodoo practitioners use psalms in their magick successfully. Seems like the ancient people had the same idea like you ^^ nonetheless great thoughts!


Expirement #1: Subliminals

I tried making a spell using subliminal audio (audio below hearing threshold) to create a love spell to the person listening to it. I put into my mix at EXTREMELY low volumes that would be really hard to hear:

  1. Belial, Sallos, Sitri, Dantalion, Rosier, Ladilok audio sigils extremely quiet in the background.

  2. Subliminal messages of me saying stuff like “I am obsessed with [“Insert My Name”]

  3. 528 hz subliminal.

Is there anything else I could of done?


So update of that, the album really wasn’t that good at all, it has my crappy throwaway songs on it, like the person I sent this to has heard MUCH MUCH better from me. But she seems to be obsessed with the album, like tears crying “This is the best album I have ever heard”. She seems more attracted to the album than me. My magic seems to have worked though. I’m going to wait a couple days to see how this plays out. Because up until this point the person I sent this to basically cut contact and told me we aren’t seeing eachother again. Based on how she reacted to the album it seems we definitely will be if I don’t fuck this up.

Looks like I may be onto something


My boy !!! People don’t realize how big this piece of information is for artists !! Love it


UPDATE: The effects seemed to be super strong super quick and then wears off within a few hours of listening. This is a good direction to creating a base model that’s replicable for many other scenarios. I’m going to try experimenting more. If anyone is experienced with sound magick I’m still looking for people for help


Update: The album worked. (So far). She contacted me again and is discussing going on dates with me. The last thing that was said before I sent her the album is she didn’t want to see me again and cut contact with me for a couple weeks. It took one day after listening to the album for her to tell me she has feelings for me and I make her happy. Like I really didn’t think I would ever be talking to her again. This doesn’t feel real. I wonder what else this works with?

(This is a different girl than what my 500 previous posts from these past few years. That girl is still my end goal, but she is currently married and it’s going to take a while for the spells I have on her to work)

your interest in music is different than mine. Since I am just starting out I am a long ways from being able to do what I want to do or what you want to do.

I would like to have a pad of music paper and pens sitting on my desk, call up a spirit, and ask them to put their favorite songs from 3,000 years ago on paper… Athena what is your favorite song from Olympus? Ra what song did they play when you marched in front of a crowd? - I got a long way to go before I can do that

For what you want to do there is a lot of info on the internet. In the 60s or 70s someone played some rock and roll backwards just for giggles. They were surprised to find words that they could understand. Religion immediately jumped on the story and said the people selling rock and roll were encoding satanic messages in the music. “evil rock and roll” Since that time scientists have figured out that we all do this. Our subconscious minds are paying attention to what we are thinking. and when we speak our subconscious mind says what we are thinking about backwards. The subconscious mind of the person we are speaking to gets and understands those backward words. If we are saying and thinking contradictory things, that tells the person not to trust us. If we are saying and thinking the same thing the message gets across that at least we believe what we are saying. I don’t know how this can help you, but you can look it up. Religious people call it “backward masking unmasked” dont remember what scientists call it.

There is also visual subliminal messaging. TV is 30 frames per second. In order to prevent flickering they divide that into 60 half frames that are interlaced. One of those 60 frames every few minutes can be a can of Coke or a pic of your favorite chips. The pic is there for such a short time that you dont consciously see it, but it is there long enough for you to think about the Coke or chips you have or don’t have in the kitchen. It works. They get people to buy more stuff with all those pics they sneak into our favorite TV shows and movies

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BUMP . on this thread > anything got anything to share ?

If this is the case, then really we just need to find away to get better at laying out voice (spell) over the beat to achieve our desired result in the listeners.

How can this be done as when I listen to a lot of mainstream artists, I can definitely feel an energetic pull to the song that makes me keep re listening so how can we magically enchant people with our own music.

I think the same can be done with a video or a movie.