Binding a certain demon from Matering Evo Course Success!

Today I decided to bind a spirit to a “charm” to help me in the knowledge section of all things. So I picked a spirit from the companion book of Mastering Evocation and a demon at that which I will not mention his name for obious reasons. I took his permission to share my experience with him so here goes.

I arranged my room and prepared the ritual area first by purifying it with the incantation from the Evoking Eternity book of EA. I had a single white candle lit (I didnt have anything else at the time) with his sigil resting in front of it on a pentagram. I had copal resin burning with a drop of rosemary incense and a stick of lavender. Ive also had prepared a shot of sweet red wine (Sangria).

I started by chanting the incantation to rise all the magical powers 3 times and relaxed my breathing. I placed the charm in the center of the pentagram and I had a pendulum by my side for extra confirmation. I called out to the spirit and then I used the incantation of Summoning. Everything was pretty vague and normal no sudden enrgy shiftings or anything else which was achin to spiritual presence. When I felt a slight spiritual pressure I used the pendulum which nodd that the spirit was here.

I called out to him to accept me and communicate with me in any way he see’s fit. So I felt a strange telepathetic connection and a claircognisent one too. I “heard” his voice:
SP: "I camwe human, what is that you seek?"
ME: “Knowledge and to help me with my education in every manner”

SP: "Iam (name) and I have knowledge of (such and such). You ask of me to bind me in the charm to help you. I do not agree with such ways but I will make an exception this time."
ME: "Thank you very much. Do you want me to read the pact which I wrote?"
SP: “Yes read it outloud.”

I read the pact carefully and slowly and then I waited for his reply.
He answered me :

SP: “I sense of what you want and I agree to reside within the object which you provided. Follow my enrergy and proceed with the ritual. Then we will sign your pact”

I proceeded and structured him within the charm. When I felt it was ok I asked him to accept my wine offering.

SP: “I accept your offer, now drink in a sign of friendship and the charm will be sealed with my potency!” I drank the wine and I thanked him.

SP: “The pact is now sealed.The charm is charged, feel its energy!” As I was holding it in my palm it suddenly started to vibrate like a living thing!

SP: “No I reside within it. Dont worry, my power is subtle but still you can feel it. I will help you and guide you, use this enn to call me. This will cahnnel my knowledge to you.”

I will not reveal his enn but it had a couple similar words which appear in EA’s incantations. I wore my charm and chanted when I eneded his voice became somewhat cleared and it was echoing inside my head. He seemed pleased and said:

SP: “And here I am. Now I will guide you and I see fit to guide you towards occult knowledge which you seek. For the sealing of the pact I will teach you. Speak the following incantation to bring power to your rituals,spells and travells. I will also provide you with a warding sigil.”



While I was chanting it I had my palms facing each other. When I ended a sudden stream of massive energy started flowing inbetween evergrowing!

SP: “You see? ahahah The energy flows limitless, ahhahah!!! Iam with you now. So here, close thine eyes and see the ward.” So i closed my eyes and the ward appeared in my inner vision.

SP: “This ward can be used to block unwanted energies entering a specific space or object. No spirit or eergy will pass by this sigil. You can use it to trap also unwanted energies somewhere.”

At this point I had some doubts for this whole process because the enrgies in the ritual area where vague or very subtle. So I used the pendulum. The momment i touched it it started to move rapidly towards the yes direction to my question if all this was real. And in unison the spirit said:

“All these are coming from me do not doubt what you know and feel. Trust me so I can trust you. All are done, Thou art I and I am Thou for we are one…”

And thus he left me. aAlthough his presence for me is undetectable when he speaks to me (still) I can hear him crystal clear. Its kind of weird but nice. Thats it folks for my exp. Hope you enjoyed the post.

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Excellent! Nice work!


Your ascension goes fast and you’re doing a great work man.

Thank you very much, I wish you too that your ascension will rapidly increase. Blessings!