Bind Runes

I am thinking of buying an amulet/talisman for safe travel for my car.
I thought about St Christoper but then I thought about a Rune. It looks like such a rune exists.
But then I remembered something I heard about mixing rune magick with other magick, sometimes this can backfire I am told.
Where I heard this was in a discussion on using sigils, the gist of that argument was unless you really know what you are doing, do not put runes in your sigils. (I do not know what I am doing)

So would this apply to cars too. Are runes the sort of thing that just don’t play well with other magicks.

If so I will avoid the rune (also, I don’t know anything about runes) but I would like to find a amulet to protect me while driving, maybe even the whole car from mechanical breakdowns too, instead of jone that would just keep me safe from accidents. LuckyMojo has a Safe Travel oil I thought I might get to anoint the talisman, but then I am back to the Hoodoo and Norse magicks coming into contact
Does that matter?

You should research them and try small experiments

How would I measure the results to know?

small experiment = small problem but also small result

Is there anyway to judge effectiveness.

I am new at magick, so I honestly don’t know. Also, should a new guy go with something tried and true.

oh… that might explain something…
Learning the hard way i guess… hehe

Also many angels can give protection when traveling.
Elemiah is particularly good if you’re a leader of a group or family…
Melahel is particularly good for traveling through places with a lot of guns… so particularly good for people in the military and stuff
Yeiael for general travel protection… (harm, robbery, illness… )

That is interesting. Do I have to be born between July 7 to 11 or can I be born anytime. I mean, if I am not born on those dates can I still get his assistance, I would just need to be more persistent with my efforts.
I am having some problems figuring out how to contact angels (or any entitiy/beings for that matter)

no… even if you had to, just call on Raziel. Ask him to let your voice be heard by Yeiael.
Get the book Great Magickal Angels if you want It has a very effective way to contact Angels

A couple of questions.
The Damon Brand book? Is that the one you are referring to?

I want to layer some magick. So I took a picture of my vehicle and will write a petition, I will annoint the petition with road opener oil and Crown of Success Oil.

In my petition must I ask for just one thing?
Can it be one topic.

So would I need a separate petition to ask for the car to be mechanically sound
another petition that it be protected while I am driving it (and while it is parked)
and another petition for something else

Can I just I do one petition that says something like:
May this car always
a) be mechanically sound
b) protect me from negative energy
c) have a new shine and luster in its appearance
d) anything else I can think of that is about the car

after I write and anointed the petition I will visualize some energy into it and a candle, then place thecandle over it
Does that sound about right? or do I need to make some adjustments?

Then I will start reading up on Yeiael, and request that he sort of give his blessing and oversee the whole magickal car protection operation.

Someone nearly rear ended me a few days ago and I started wondering what I could do to minimize any dangers. That is what started this whole thing. Plus I am trying to make myself do a couple pieces of magick each week, instead of just doing my meditations. I need some practical work to improve my life and also so I can learn.

yes the damon brand one. Actually Yeiael is in the book Magickal Angels from the same author.
he explain how to task the angel there. Basically try to keep it short and precise as you can. Is not the Angel’s job to keep your car “shine”. That Angel is about protection while traveling
Yeiael is attributed in that book with: Wealth, Fame and Success / Protection While Traveling / Good Luck When Making Deals.
I’m not sure if keeping your car “lustering” would fit those attributions…
Maybe Iophiel the Angel of Beauty, haha. But even then dont think so… I think you’ve to put some elbow grease in keeping your car shinning yourself or pay a dude to do so…

You could just make a talisman or sigil and ask the angel to bless it with his energy, then leave it in the car.
I did something similar to ward my room from oppressive entities.

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lol, I just put that in to make a list, so I could learn if I needed a petition for each desire or if similar desires could be lumped together.

in my case I want the car to be mechanically sound and to be safe when I travel, so
no break downs and no accidents, or diminished ones if they must occur.

Can I have 2 ideas, the car is mechanically sound and I am protected from other drivers (and even protected from my own inattention and carelessness if needed) in the same petition paper.

I will make a seperate appeal to the Angels for their help.

I kind of have an idea of what you are talking aout with Yeiael, I have done a Ben Woodcroft ritual to Lecabel for help with learning and recall of my brain.

As for the talisman, I love that idea, I could put it around my gear shifter.
Do you think a Star of Hermes, or should I create my own out of clay, then carve the angels name into the wet clay, let it dry and paint it in appropriate colors.

And SeekerOfTheTruth, thank you for all this advice, I appreciate it.

Another thought has occurred to me. If I used a ritual to get the Angel to help me, could I also have a Star of Hermes in the vehicle. Are they compatible? Are entities like this petty like humans are or do they play well together? Do they even see themselves as having differences at all?