Bind a demon to a potion

Looking to find a way to bind demons to potions and charge them with the desired intent?


its all in your mind, make a potion using your intent. “this demon and this potion are the same” a potion made out of what the demon likes is strongly recommended. so they’ll accept it. drink it as an “offering“ to the demon with your intent as you drink it. “after i drank the potion, ____” it’s like manifestation. but idk, you might have to clarify a little more. why would you want to bind a demon to said potion? what is your desired effect ?


You could ask said demon to charge the potion with their energy?


This, or channel the energy and intent into the potion. I mean all this energy work you guys are supposed to learn at the beginning is for stuff like this :stuck_out_tongue:

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I wouldnt bind a demon to something as fickle as a potion when you can do as mind_seeker mentioned, binding means to link them or seal them to something, which a potion is a temp thing and binding would not charge it.

I also agree with @Keteriya

This is a little more extreme but if you are close to a particular demon, you could invoke them (or welcome possession) and mix a drop of your blood into the potion while you are in that state. I have found through my Sacrament of Blood ritual that it combines both your own and the spirit’s energy into the brew, so it may work out for you. But I would advise only doing this with spirits you know well and are comfortable taking that step with


I npt sure u purpose, its drinking spells such holy water in hoodoo. And water baptism in satan demons name. And curse water botlers, but if u want to do a pact, promeses well its red vine. Tp drink and share whit them. Not good in English but i hope u get my point.