Binaural Beats

I am not sure if this is where to post this question but I have seen many of the adepts speaking of Theta/Gamma zone and was wondering at what hrtz would help me with mediation and should I use wave sound or binaural beat type. I am having trouble getting into a “zone” when it comes to mediation and visualization. I have been trying a Theta beat which is at 450 hrtz for over a month now, but this doesn’t seem to do anything for me. Is there a certain frequency I should be doing or do I just have to keep experimenting until I find the right one?

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The theta state should be around 7 to 14 htz. Tbh I never found these binaural beats to be helpful. They tend to annoy my ears more than anything.

Here’s what I think a lot of people get wrong with meditation…and I had to learn this myself recently: meditation is…a route, but not the only route. What you’re really trying to do is get to the state between wake and sleep. That’s the theta state. This means that anything you do that normally helps you fall asleep will work just fine. If having binaural beats buzzing in your ear will help you get to that in-between state then go for it. Personally I prefer listening to really boring lectures or podcasts. Something really mundane and uninspiring. For you, it might be listening to a particular melody. Just dont get hung up on unlocking some mystical box by feeding your brain enough theta beats… because as EA so brilliantly put it in his evocation course…there’s nothing mystical about achieving these states. It’s more practical than you may think