Binaural Beats

So when I first began meditation, I lived in a house with a bunch of females. Always chatty and they were usually not the quietest bunch. So I used headphones all the time to flush out the noise. Since I had headphones in I decided to listen to binaural beats. Ive been listening to the same one legit for 8 months. It has become a hypnosis for me, a trigger if you will, and when it begins my entire being knows, its time. Game on… i used them for evocations, spells, cleansings… but is it a training wheel? Could I be hindering something else? What are your thoughts?


I use trance music when there is too much background noise to focus. I also hunt for quite places to meditate without it. The effects are the same with practice.

I would advise try to add meditation without them into your routine, in time you’ll have the same mental switch with or without them. Just takes time.


i use it often as well, but i do consider it to be a training wheel which i hope to graduate from


I use dark ambient for the same thing. Depends where I am though. Binaural beats are also great.


Link to the beat you have been feeling?


This is one of them, ive gone through alot of the music on this channel its all pretty good.

Another good one is thriftworks


I’ve never tried but I want to to learn astral projection. I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

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Yes! Cryochamber is amazing! All the Lovecraft collaborations the label has released are great, but Nyarlothotep is my favorite so far. Also, there is not much Lustmorde on Cryochamber, but if you are liking this I highly recommend Lustmorde for dark ambient as well.


thanks guys I am going to try this out.

You dont need Binaural beats to do this.

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Which ones should I try?

This is good Dark Ambient, too.

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their Lovecraftian compilations brighten up my room! :smile: (not joking)

They work, ive had success with some of them, but its alot like self hypnotism and internal alchemy, can we change ourselves with thought to that I say yes, its just training the mind to do so.