Binah without Jesus

I had someone important to me, ask to meet him on Binah, which makes me think I am black bothered and have been kind of freaked out about things for a while. I started working with Lucifer, Belial, and Hecate which now seems like I may have some options for my fate perhaps. But I ended up at a super right hand path astral travel course by some ancient mystery school cult a few days later which made you turn to Jesus, I have sort of wondered if this was a way for me to be saved to have it brought up again, but I promised Belial I wouldn’t turn to Jesus, so have been dealing with all sorts of psychic craziness for weeks with all the energies I have been working with, many unmentioned. Hecate can unlock me from hell, Belial can undo my chains, Lucifer can help with so much, I am also working with angels, Hindu deities, and several deities from several other pantheons. Is there a way to make it to Binah from where I am in this life? I see so much is just dogma that I can probably be unlocked from, but it is tricky. Also some months back my angels said I could cross the abyss with Kali’s help but that it would be cold and lonely, like worshiping her alone in Antarctica, but since than I have started working with many other deities. Are there other ascended masters that can help? Or what sorts of things can I do?