Big revelation

Mr koetting. I finally think I understand your absence from this forum. You didn’t create this as “EA’s forum” you created this as the Become A Living God forum. I think back to a line from the play Hamilton. “They will learn to move on. It outlives me when I’m gone” I think you have the same mindset with this forum. This is a place for any and everyone interested in magick to come together for the betterment of magekind from the white side to the dark. The active practitioner like @C.Kendall to someone like me who doesn’t practice at all but takes a much more philosophical approach. You don’t want this forum to rely on you. If I may be so bold I would go so far as to say that you want others to rely upon this forum instead of you. To anyone who is thinking that @E.A doesn’t care about this forum I urge you to consider what I have said. Consider that he may indeed care enough about this forum to remove himself from it.


If he were more involved it might have a chilling effect on the conversations as not many would feel as comfortable giving their opinions for fear of being corrected by the master. No one wants to be wrong and many don’t have the humility to accept when they are.

See? Those therapy sessions did pay off after all.

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If that’s the case they are missing the entire point of a forum based on left hand path philosophy.

Personally I think he just can’t be bothered replying to noobs when he has a business to run. And I really do mean that in a respectful way to EA.


EA does read the forum on occasion, as he has replied to the questions from some members on his YouTube channel. Usually the questions he responds to though, are those whose answers are not easily found by a simple forum search or a book.


Power to the people, he is the creator. Also he is probably much too busy for the forum hence many of his youtube videos

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