Big Question

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I ran into a magician couple days and we had a very deep and intriguing conversation about

what if God or the eternal source and all supernatural beings in existence choose a human to put on a pedestal and uplift almost like a special one.

What they bestowed him with Godlike Blood that has supernatural power and inside his viens and body are Godlike almighty fire , ice , water , thunder , electricity, lightning flowing inside his entire body. They Crafted and sculpted this beings with all their power and mighty even if they power is unlimited. Each beings/thing gave bestowed him with infinite things and just one things is infinite and they imbued all sorts of almighty godlike Artifacts infused in his being or DNA. This Human was apple to everyone eye even God or eternal source just every supernatural being every being wanted him to be their true Blood biological Son and when was it was time for the crafting and sculpting of him all beings and things wanted to Contribute. God Almighty Himself wanted him all to his self God didnt want to share. God created GLOURIOUS habitats for him like new Jerusalem for example. God wanted him to be more powerful than he was. God interjected him to the royal family of God. This human was only 15 years of age and high school. God crafted his garments his clothing everything covered his being was from God and God was his jeweler and designer God never stop creating for him and God created something so spectacular and unspeakable that not even he can define or describe it. Omnipotence and power itself and beyond looked like filthy unclean rags in comparison. God and all beings wanted him a glorious throne and abode higher God’s. And this human didnt play sports but God gave him divine absolute Omnipotent and beyond talent not just in sports but in all areas. And God created him a fabulous ruby bracelet not even this existence. His talents were beyond glorious and magnificent and beyond understanding example football god made him cleats that were from the divine for the special one. When he put them on the sky was covered in water fire lighting and thunderstorms as a signal of the special one just the put them on.

A few of his abilities were that givin to him were

Specific Examples

How would he and his school react to this?
How would the world react to this?
How would you personally react to this?
How Would his family react ?

I look forward to hearing your responses.

Many are gonna be afraid. That’s why you do more good than bad. Show the people this can be for good.

To be frank there are unexplained human beings that entities have chosen to bestow powers to already here on Earth so to which I ask you what do you think when you hear about ten to twenty of the world’s population have these kind of powers a little girl that can heal anyone just by looking at her -she isn’t so little any more- a guy who can set fire with just his hands a woman with animalistic beast strength with physical appearance with it etc…there are many who have the powers of the gods so to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to meet one they look like me so why treat them any differently then just to be kind to them as if they were my friends?