Big mistake?

Hello guys I was helping a friend from attack and the spell say put salt, candles in a bag and throw away so bad luck be removed.well for some reason her picture was in the bag,I feel bad,but it was a mistake ,but at same time if all bad go away the picture will take energy off,but it is inside bag,I’m confused in this case any advice,? I think re do it .or Waite a few weeks to see the results.

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I think that if your intentions were to help her, the picture will only serve as a link. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

You could also think of the picture as representative of her “current bad luck”, and by throwing away the picture, you’re throwing away the bad luck to make room for “new good luck”.

I hope this helps.

Thanks make sense out whit the old saying .thanks so much

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No worries

I think most magicians get weird thoughts after during and even wayyy in advance to doing ritual magick to help others. It’s part of this learning process and those processing-of-information skillsets improving over time.

You’ll learn what to pay attention to.

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