Big confusion

Why everyone has a different way to see occult?
Satan exists… no He doesn’t…
He is the dark side of Lucifer… no they are separate entities.
The cardinal direction is south… no, it’s north…
Everyone has his/her own UPG…
So, my question is: why?
Why there is this kind of confusion…
Why if I “speak” to Lucifer, He give me some informations and other people get different informations?


Because we all have our own realities.

For example you and I could take a beach trip together, stay at the same place and spend all day together but our experience of trip will not be identical.

I might say omg those waves crashing in were amazing, I never felt so alive
But you might say. I was scared to death, i thought they were gonna drag me under

Now I see the beach as refreshing and fun
But you would say it’s scary don’t go there.
The beasts called waves will get you.

But I’ll say the beasts of waves are fun and exciting with a hint of danger …
That made it so amazing.

We all experience things and our minds translate things in our own unique way

It’s why UPG

No one’s wrong , no one’s right. :heart::alien:


This book will cover most seeming paradoxes you’ll find regarding what’s “real”: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

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Is it blue or is it green?
How we perceive things differs from person to person, yet the object stays the same.
So my truth is not necessarily yours.


Blue - green :joy: sorry couldn’t resist.

Exactly though,

Like is the glass half empty or half full?

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It is blue with a light green perimeter :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:
(Yeah sorry , couldn’t resist also :joy: )

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Ok. I understand that reality is subjective.
But Infernal Empire is subjective, too?
I mean: is Satan the dark side of Lucifer?
Just one answer: or yes either no…
But the same for everyone…
Otherwise my opinion is that I create everything in my head.

Pretty please read the extremely short free book I have linked for you, it will show the reason I think this is, and is not, the correct answer in the first chapter or so. :+1:

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Ha! Japanese were ahead of us and they called both green and blue “aoi”.
Clever boys.


Aquaman’s underwear. If Lucifer told you something then go with that rather than what others say. I can’t communicate with spirits but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt if they are who they are and I can prove they are that particular spirit and not some imposter. Be glad you’re on that level and not worry about other people’s experiences. I guess a living god in your own reality is great like owning your own house and business.

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25 years ago I used to phone magicians, and a thing I wanted to ask was just that. A bit more recently, during a math lesson, I took notes wondering why those things were so definite while it was less so in magickal and spiritual fields.
A reason may be that people live in the physical plane, and some authors agree that (generally) human beings are now less in touch with the subtle reality than in ancient times.
Especially for receiving different informations, indeed one gets those he/she needs.

Maybe the following helps:

Satan :heart: is:

  • the Ruler of Thaumiel of the Qliphot
  • Ruler of the World
  • Ruler of the Sunday

Lucifer :heart: is the Emperor ruling all the 7 days of the week, his Throne is in the Stars, is Ruler of the Qliphot.