Bifrons moving the dead

Has Bifrons told anyone on this forum his purpose behind moving dead bodies from one area to the next? Is every dead person moved? Any grimoires that speak more about him?


Bifrons has another name, Orcus aka. Janus of the Romans.

I’m very interested What the purpose of moving bodies around could be too.

I wondered if this was used in times past to move a relative or loved one into a cemetery with holy ground like a Catholic cemetery if they died from suicide or some other cause that would prevent them from being buried in the proper place. This guess is a shot in the dark and could be totally off base though.

I really don’t know either though but if anyone has an answer that would great to know.


Thanks for sharing that.

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His write up in the Ars Goetia says that he “changeth dead bodies and putteth them in another place,” and that he “lighteth candles upon the graves of the dead,” so my guess would be that he is associated with the practice of necromancy. Putting bodies in another place could be mean that he can help to conceal the location of a body to guard against grave robbing.

In Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick it states that he can help sense and communicate with the recently deceased so it’s also possible that it is a reference to the ability to bring the dead to stand before the magician.


Ooohhhhh that’s true, good possibility.


Interesting to know. Thanks.