Biding... the counterpart force that could take back your manifestation

I’m beginning to think there’s a rule (or at least, general trend) in magick that the more conditions you place that must be met before your desired result can happen, the less likely it is to succeed - whether that’s insisting on bringing in irrelevant elements like every last planet having to be in aligment, redundant cultural baggage (can only do invocation of Spirit X wearing the exact same robe worn 2000 years ago when he was first worshipped), or whatever.

It creates conditionality, and if you can’t meet one of those conditions, or even if you just have a nagging doubt whether you’re doing things “right,” you’ve pre-programmed yourself for failure, for events taking the course they would have done anyway without your will affecting them.

Insisting a result comes via a one specific path is a big condition, therefore, best dispensed with.

Conditionality = bad; believability/deniability (things that could have happened anyway, albeit maybe unlikely, but which a Randi fan could easily explain away) = good.

There are going to be exceptions to this, especially when it comes to direct interactions with spirits & evoking to physical form, but as a general guideline I think it’s sound.

Yeah this happened recently, me a a freind put 50$ in a type of cryptocurrency called black coin, very breifly we had around 100 thousand bucks, but before we could get it out a buncha super hackers got in there and stole all the black coins.

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[quote=“TheLotusEater, post:6, topic:1144”]I’ve read in a few different books that part of this effect comes from us using our brains to manifest. The way the brain functions is naturally polarized…black/white, male/female, positive/negative, etc.
By putting your awareness in your anahata chakra, staying there and manifesting from the heart consciousness, apparently there is no polarizing effect. That saying “the heart wants want the heart wants” made more sense to me after that. This is where we fully experience a lot of emotion, and it rarely is rational, or divided. There’s quite a bit more to this, considering the toroidal fields that encompass the heart and the universal laws applied to it, but im trying to keep this short.

The Upanishads are ancient Sanskrit records of 100 or so people who found their way into this space in their heart, and the experiences that they had during and after.

I’ve been trying this myself for a month or 2 and I don’t really have anything backfire on me anymore. Things fuck up a lot less and I don’t have nasty surprises, its pretty nice.

Id love to see others try this and see if their results match up. If things are consistent enough, then I wonder what the results of manifesting through other various spaces of the body would be…[/quote]
Yes, I’ve experienced the same effect as you described above. If I manifest something from my ego (brain), then most of the time I notice some form of blowback. But if I manifest something from my heart chakra, I don’t notice any type of blowback at all.

The thing is, I can only manifest things from the heart that feel right to me. If its simple pleasures like extra money or sex then I can’t manifest it from there. For me, in order to manifest a desire from my heart chakra, it has to feel right. Like I am doing it for a just cause, or that its in line with my true path.

So I do believe that if you manifest something in line with your true will or true path, you won’t experience any blowback. But if its not then I believe there usually is some form of blowback. I’ve often wondered why we need to experience blowback at all. If its just and opposing force that has to manifest due to higher laws. But in that case why haven’t I experienced it when manifesting from the heart center? Why wouldn’t the law apply there? It seems so complicated, yet at the same time it seems like there is an easy explanation out there somewhere and maybe i’m not looking at it correctly.

It has been said by magicians, priests/priestesses, spiritual self help councelers, etc. that a person has to be exact on what they want. Like for love, we don’t want someone who is unavailable. With money, we don’t want it to come to us through tragedy. That sort of thing.
Also, keep in in the ‘present’ time. The subconscous mind does not understand the word ‘will’. ‘Will’ never happens.
Some says, “Lots of free and easy money is coming to me in a happy and positive way, and is mine to keep and use as I wish, now and forever.”
(How long will it keep ‘coming’ to you before it gets to you? Forever?
That would REALLY stink. So close and so far.
Maybe the above will work. I’m still working on it.
How about “Lots of free and easy money comes into my hands NOW, in a happy and positive way, and is mine to keep and use now and forever.”?
Also visualizing money coming into our hands as we say this.
Money does seem to show up when it is NEEDED. I just want it to show up when it is ‘’‘WANTED’’’. I hate relying on ‘default’. Nice when needed, but many of us want more.
Simple statements with simple visual/imagination.
So, I’ll just keep at it.

[quote=“E.A., post:5, topic:1144”]Evoke fully often, soul travel deeply often, and discern the deepest realities through divination often.[/quote] Fabulous! THE best advice ever…xxoo

[quote=“HedoNNN, post:1, topic:1144”]It’s been written that every action involve two forces. Think about maybe pushing a car, there is force from your arms to the car as well another force from your spine and legs to the ground.

When we use magick it’s been said that we use two forces as well. One that is able to bring our specific desire as well as it’s counterpart which can repell it from us, or just taking it back at anytime.

Have you ever saw this?

Someone earn a lot of money and lose it very quickly.[/quote]

I have seen this over and over again during my first years of magical practice. I tend to think that is alleviates over time, when you gain more expertise and remove obstacles.

I have 2 basic observations about this:

1. When a spell manifests, but the result blows up quickly, it means, in general, that there wasn´t sufficient energy/fuel, and often it helps just to repeat the ritual several times.


  1. Something more insidious is going on and it has to do with the powers you invoked. They are trying to screw you over, in plain English!

No offense to the Vodouisants out there, but my most spectacular example of a “fake success” was a case that involved a Hougan (duly initiated priest of Voudon, a professional magician) and a luck ritual. That month, it was January, my profits had skyrocketed and I was elated.


February was so bad, that the EXACT sum that was left over from January was just absorbed back by the business!

This lead me to think that there is something wrong on a deeper level with the Lwa, the way they perform, because this never happened to me when using other schools of magic. It is like some kind of Ponzi scheme, you always end up feeding more into it than getting out of it.

I´ve had all kinds of screw-ups with Demonic magic, too, but no “frauds” like this. Demons would make me suffer, but deliver what I asked for, whereas the Lwa would often not even deliver it, or take it from me when I stopped feeding them.

I don´t know whether E.A. made it public, but we actually agreed on this one and I have, just like him, reverted to Demonic magic after a deep immersion in Voudon because of this very reason: side effects. It is not reliable, and it is ultimately more of a religion than magic, which means the Spirits´ purpose is always to recruit more people to feed them…

You are going to hit it, eventually, don´t give up. My love spells have been like that - and worse - for a long time, even after I have mastered pretty much all of the remaining genres of Magick.

Like, a year ago I fell crazy in love with a guy who asked me for a date on Christmas Eve, asked for my hand and gave me a jewel, I was euphoric, but sensed something fishy might be going on.

Well, long story short, I didn´t hear about him for 3 weeks, and eventually found out that he has such permanent damage from prior drug abuse that he doesn´t remember anything! LOL

I was frustrated, but didn´t give up. After all, that was a hilarious story to tell all my friends, and it was SOME result :slight_smile:

True, my love magic results were so obviously partial, and so useless that it was becoming harder and harder to keep trying, but there is no other way, really, you have to keep pushing against the darkness.

Sometimes, there is a real obstacle that you don´t see and when you remove it everything will suddenly fall into place.

Sometimes, the only problem is that what you asked for is not available, so you keep getting partial or short term results before you remove those obstacles. And those obstacles more often than not are embedded in your worldview.

It is a matter of probability, really.

I kept failing in my love magic spells, untill I started considering the commentaries of my friends who all told me “Noira, you stick out too much, I can´t picture any local guy with you, with the interests you have, and what you do, maybe you should consider foreigners, people are too small-minded here.” I was like NO never, I won´t be sweet talking or dirty talking to someone in a foreign language, that´s weird LOL!

But as I was gradually running out of ideas, and I have tried pretty much everything I laid my hands on, including rituals I would never want to repeat in my life, I started to consider that maybe heck, the problem might lie in availability, maybe - weird as it sounds - there is really no young, single guy in this 1 500 000 city who would share my admittedly rare and outrageous lifestyle.

Long story short. When I resolved not only to open myself to other options, but to relocate eventually to some place where I would be more likely to meet someone alike, I met the guy NEXT DAY. Just like that. Didn´t even have to move physically, just open up the path for manifestation.

Manifesting takes a LOT of strategical thinking, that is why I like Jason Miller and his Stategic Sorcery.

I had the problem of keeping what I receive also, especially when it comes to money spells. I did “bring me a lover”, met a man within 2 days, married a year later. But at least 3 times I’ve received a large sum of money only to lose it by losing my job, getting a huge bill or some other reason…I came across a short and simple book Becoming Magic and I remember reading or seeing YouTube video of EA saying something similar. Your energy has to match what you receive. For example, if deep inside you don’t truly believe you deserve it, then what you get from the spell won’t stick, which was in my case. I have done a lot of inner work, or shadow work, over the years because I think knowing and working on all aspects of our true selves has a lot of affect on our magic work.

Good point that. Good job i found it out before i made any pacts hehe. I will state that i want it for life or until i do not want it.