Bianca Andreescu, champion tennis player, and her spiritual practices

I’m not interested in tennis or most conventional sports at all but some news articles caught my eye about this particular player, who beat Serena Williams in the U.S. Open. She has apparently been practicing yoga, meditation and creative visualization from the time she was a teen and makes a daily habit of visualizing herself winning. She has a number of rituals she practiced on court including affirmations, wearing a hair tie on her arm in a way that has some personal symbolic meaning to her, and apparently she takes a sniff from something in a jar during changeovers and has never explained to anyone what’s in it. I’m always interested in learning about extremely successful people who have a lot of real accomplishments to their name and have some kind of spiritual practice to which they credit their success. Anyone know more about her or others as wildly successful as her who are open about their spiritual practice?

Another burning question: what’s in that jar? LOL.

Some witches do herb mix such peper mint. Pine etc and fresh lavender whit oil for luck. Loke mojo bag. No drugs.

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I don’t know , but to me more successful practice the science than people think, Lewis Hamilton has Metatrons cube on one hand tattooed and and all seeing eye on the other hand , while Travis Scott has the eye of Horus on his arm .

I agree, we never knw who has the goetic spirt name, seal tattooed on their private parts. I hwar a swung guy has a goetic spirt seal on his private. And gwt wins.,