Bi location


Bi location has alwaus been an interesting topic, and i was wondering how to achieve it. And I did look it up in the search button, but i didn’t see any tutorial type shit


Being in multiple places at once? I don’t think anyone has set out wanting to do that. It’s probably just an after-effect phenomenon of people trying to do something else. I say learn astral/soul travel first and then I would assume making remote clones of yourself in the astral would help you accomplish this.


for good reason.
It’s not anywhere near beginner friendly.
It can be achieved through Soul Travel.
Look for Omnipresence -that’s what you actually seek.




Well, in a sense when you astral and/or soul travel you are already bi-locating. Because you will be aware of yourself in meditation and of the environment you’re visiting. It’s a goal to reach to lose awareness of your body and fully locate all your consciousness in the other realm.

Bi-locating in the physical? I don’t know.


Seeing it this way…

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