Bi-location troubles

So I have been doing EA’s techniques for awhile now and for some reason whenever I project I am still fairly grounded in my own body. Essentially I bi-locate every time.

Have any of you had this trouble? What are some ways I could overcome it so that I can have a better experience?

I’ve experienced this off and on. Sometimes I’ll have a strong awareness of being elsewhere, then suddenly I become intensely aware of my physical body, but without actually snapping back. I find that concentrating on the environment around my soul body, and taking - and focusing on the sensation of - several deep breaths in my soul body helps.

Also, have you been doing the exercises about raising the inner fire before projecting? That seems to help with the intensity of the projecting experience.

I forgot all about that one because it didn’t come naturally in the course. I will figure it out and implement it. Thank you for reminding me!

Bi-location is like pouring water back and forth between two cups, where the water is attention. You can have all the water in one cup, you can have it evenly split, or you can have the majority in one, and a bit in the other.

Unless you’re really dismantled your ego, you probably don’t have enough to fill both cups.

Consider that falling asleep and waking up is in fact bi-location, at least the transition phases are. The hypnogogic hallucinations on falling asleep and hypnopompic hallucinations upon waking up are the result of having your attention temporarily divided between the waking wold and the dreaming one.

But anyways, two popular techniques, often used together are body relaxation techniques and body awareness techniques.

Relaxation is obvious, usually done before you begin any actual magical work.

Bodily awareness is just focusing on parts of your body, and moving that focus and awareness around to different parts, all around your body. What I think this does is habituate you to let go of your focus on your physical body, since you focus on a part intensely, then let it go completely to focus on something else intensely.

Focus on single toes, different parts of your feet, then the foot as a whole. Then parts of the leg, the leg as a whole. You’ll get used to moving attention away from your physical body, and will be better able to move it away from your physical body as a whole in the same way you moved it away from parts of your body.