Beyond Within


Ooooh you are a menace and I adore you. I’ll just tell him “Dont know man, I don’t feel anything/haven’t experienced anything unusual”

Maybe if I roll with the line “nothing unusual” it will scare him to think I tolerate a reality like that on the daily. LOL.


I know he already finds me intimidating which is why he doesn’t direct aggression toward me, to my face.


You’re welcome :sunglasses::joy:


Weird, why does everyone keeps saying this? Maybe I SHOULD check on my attitude once in a while :smiley:

Be careful and shield yourself, tho. If he is afraid he might get even angrier and more unreasonable and might lash out on you in a physical way.


Let him be afraid. My room will be a safe haven and I’m gonna lock my space down with everything I’ve got.


If you somehow could convince his girlfriend (letting her witness strange stuff) he would see his incidents as confirmed. Maybe she could talk him out of your appartment, then :smiley:


I think the way I’m going to pass it off to them is " I haven’t experienced anything unusual to me. If you are starting to experience the same things I usually do, it probably means that living with me has made you sensitive enough to see and experience things I see and experience every day"
I’m not at that level yet but he doesn’t know that and might absolutely lose it. Especially when I hit him with “there’s no turning it off”


“Oh, the blood from the walls? Yeah, you should make sure to put a duvet or something over your stuff. Those stains will stay forever, it’s horrible.”


You are the best. It hurts to still want her even after everything she’s done but it will pass. Thank you <3


“Ah man ashes of the damned on your clothes? It’s just the worst!! Why do you think I burn so much incense? Now I can’t tell what dust is from what!”


Observation; I have been dreaming/traveling far much more often as of late. Some of my night time travels are far easier to remember than others, but some stick out like they were real. I can tell some of these travels are semi-lucid astral travels. Sometimes prior to falling asleep I will have a knowing or feeling that I am leaving and will be back in an hour or so, which has occured two days in a row now.
I’m about to fly home for a few days to see my family. My old room is full of potent psychic energy from my days of heavy meditation, focus, mediumship, and candle magick. I’m curious to know just how that energy, should it still linger, will affect my dreaming and waking states.
Also curious to know if this elevated dream activity is the result of a permanent, stronger shift in my energy, or a fluke. I can very honestly say I have not done much recently that would cause a shift like this, so it very well may be lost with time if I don’t focus more diligently on my practice.
Follow up observations needed.


To start off, I barely slept over my vacation. I tried my best to drain every second I could out of my time at home with my family, and it was indeed a nice break. I did not dream while I was there. However, upon returning, I have had some rather stressful dreams and a work dream. My boss hasn’t followed through the way he should have and I’ve also hurt my back these past few days so it’s been slow and painful. I’ve spruced up my resume and sent it out to this nice custom cabinet shop in the area so I am hopeful to manifest a better job overall, somewhere I will be recognized and respected with room to move up and hone my leadership skills and business knowledge, for my own personal goals of course, but also to learn some valuable new skills. It should be an interesting weekend given my current plans and I am hopeful and excited for all of the great things I am manifesting! My magick and manifesting have been mostly internal and mental as of late. With mercury going direct it seems like a good time to do some divination and get back to the grind, and maybe try scrying into some of these odd dreams I am having.


My back magickally feels better out of nowhere, so thank you to the kindred spirit that went out of their way for me.


I have successfully managed to manifest a new job! Hired on the spot at a custom cabinet shop and it’s close to home. Pretty satisfied with this most recent development


I feel the need to post about this wild synchronicity.

For a few years now, when I have a prominent dream, something important that I need to write down, I appear in a suit of armor carrying some sort of long sword. These dreams always carry a profound wisdom and often warn me of a need for preparation and always insist that it will be worth it, and it always is.

Some time ago, long ago enough I had totally forgotten, a member had posted offering godform drawings, and my curiosity got the best of me so I asked. Today my godform drawing was revealed and it just filled me with this deep wonder and appreciation, and the artwork itself is so beautifully done.
A side note, the post is now closed and they will not be taking on any more offers.


I have slept horribly the past two nights, waking up several times at all hours for no reason. I’m not sure if there is a 3d or spiritual reason for my inability to stay asleep as I haven’t had a problem sleeping through the entire night in quite a while. I’m tempted to say it’s stress but it could be my diet, it could be downloads, it could be a lot of things. For the time being my money is on stress but if I have any bizarre experiences I’ll document them here.


Try some valerian tea, it helps :wink:


You ever just have such a rough morning you lie down on the floor at a job site and ball your eyes out in front of half a dozen men?

Yeah. Rough day.
The company I work for is super awesome and worked out a true solution to the issue at hand and gave me the rest of the day off paid! Can’t beat that.


Give yourself a hug from me. And always think about one thing:



I wanted to offer kind of a humorous update on something from a few months ago.
Those of you that have paid attention to my posts may have noticed at one point I was trying to get with a girl and it really blew up in my face and didn’t work out in my favor at all, and I cut her out with a sharp knife and she won’t be back.
I occasionally keep up with some astrological tarot readers on YouTube, and have two or three that tend to be rather spot on a lot of the time. One in particular had been correct with a lot of information regarding my situation at that time and I kind of looked to her videos for guidance when it resonated. After cutting this girl out, I paid a bit less attention to her readings because she was still on about this air sign and I was no longer involved with her, but would check in occasionally to see if her information had become relevant yet.

Here we are over two months later, and her fire sign readings are STILL revolving around this air sign, and the air sign STILL revolving around the fire sign. It makes me happy to know I cut this viscous cycle off before it became even worse, because only now at the end of the calendar year is she pulling six of swords/eight of cups and other relevant ending cards.

While my situation was extremely unpleasant and painful to go through, it is a relief to know a few things.

We can change our lives and our fates at the drop of a hat. Nothing is holding us down. We are not fated to suffer these seemingly infinite loops and cycles if we deem them unfit for our reality. We have more control over our lives than we can see when we are so flustered and wrapped up in our day to day lives.
Never will the wise man be cursed to suffer at his own hand, should he realize he holds the knife.