Beyond Within


More than likely!


Where are those black butterfly/moth reflections coming from. I see them from your table.


They are just little metal wall decorations in my friends apartment reflecting off the glass.


Pretty neat.


Scrying update:
With only three attempts under my belt, and falling asleep during one of them, I have successfully seen images and visions in the fog, as well as orbs/floating lights both in the mirror and in my peripherals. So far I have had the most success with a single candle lit across the room, or no candles, aided only by dim natural light late at night.
Sitting with my back against the wall and the mirror resting on a pillow in my lap has also aided me in remaining comfortable and keeps the mirror at a nice angle with little effort.
I feel I have a natural affinity for scrying, and in time my vision will get stronger and I’ll learn to recognize symbols better.
Overall I’m excited to see where this goes. I don’t often have such immediate success with spiritual tasks, so now I really feel like I have something to work toward that will help me develop everything else as well.


Yesterday when I returned home, I sat down to play some guitar and noticed my vision had a sort of 4k resolution to it. Very colorful, vibrant, and clear. Apparently this can be chalked up to an open third eye. I am hoping to experience more of this so I can more clearly see the long term effects.
I have been slacking a hair on my scrying but I have been making more time for it than I typically do my other practices and endeavors. Some nights are more successful than others, though I have been struggling to go into my sessions with a strong intention as there is very little I feel the need to know, particularly regarding my future and general life events, and when I ask deeper, bigger questions it’s like looking at answers through mud. No clarity, no definition. Some names still come through as gibberish, which clearly isn’t helpful. I can’t seem to chalk it up to inexperience, a lack of readiness for the answer, or otherwise.
I may need to move my meditations and scrying sessions to an earlier part of the evening or afternoon as I struggle to make it through half of an entire generic incense stick without dozing off or calling it quits, and being tired my focus is off, and I start drifting into chakra work rather than the mirror.

Side note. Diet needs work. A lot of it. Not sure how to go about maintaining any level of dedication to an improved diet. I have also been trying to kick nicotine but have failed time and time again. puffs on ecigarette

I have been trying to find more motivation and energy to do things like write music, clean, etc. But my energy seems to redirect itself to resting/relaxing, and overall indulging in more mindless behaviors. Not sure if I am going this direction because I truly need rest, or because I am getting lazy. Improvements are needed.

Having that girl out of my life has been nice. She did show up in my vision last night while scrying, crying on her bed. Unsure if it’s due to guilt or just general suffering. I am almost indifferent.
Tensions with the roommate are also at an odd stalemate. Nobody is making moves to be confrontational but things have felt less than friendly. I am certain nothing I can or will do will make my roommate happy, and so trying to do so has come to a halt.
Who knew you could clean the kitchen and scrub the tile floor on your hands and knees and still get ridiculed over a pan in the sink.

Now I’m just rambling. Probably best to get some of these things off my chest.


Yeah, you could have made an effort, you lazy slacker! :smiley:




Yeah, I’m just the worst roommate! Especially when I throw things, yell at unreasonable hours because I have zero control over my emotions, break mirrors and doors, and treat my girlfriend like trash when she can’t read my mind!!
Oh, wait. That’s my roommate. My bad.

I think he forgets how hard it is to find a genuinely decent roommate that can pay their bills and is generally a pretty decent person who’s mostly out of the way and relatively quiet. Spoiled white kids, man. Ready to live alone.


Oh well… I’m kinda glad that my roommates were just really gross :smiley:
Can’t you just put some codeine into his breakfast? At least he would be quiet, then.


I am tempted to do a lot of things. Especially bind him. But at the same time I just want to bide my time and move out when the lease is up. I have officially put a new doorknob on that locks with a key. I have no idea if he has noticed, because he hasn’t said anything and if he were to I’d know he’s trying to get into my room when I’m away. Just kinda fed up with not being able to feel at home when I am at home :expressionless:


Will you be able to move out soon? If it’s only a matter of a few more months or so…You could try a money spell on him, as a selfless act. I guess, he would move out if there’s a nice load of cash to spend :smiley:


Lease isn’t up until July :confused: too long.


Can’t you replace someone else for the lease? Like, someone willing to inherit your leasing contract so you could leave?


Eh there isn’t a guarantee the complex would allow a change and it might hurt my credit. It’s easier to stick with it and deal. There’s no telling. Maybe he will have some revelation and get his act together.


I truly hope so. You might need the patience of a holy man, then :slight_smile: Wouldn’t he freak out if you would begin to act and behave weirdly? Maybe he would keep his distance if you put on a tinfoil hat or something :smiley:


I don’t have a desire to give him any ammunition against me. I’m going to find a day where I’m alone and start infusing seals into our home, particularly my door and my room so he is repelled from my space. Maybe I can use seals to seclude him to his room… I will find a creative solution.


Ah, can’t you just convince him that there is a poltergeist or something in your appartment? Maybe making his girlfriend believe in it, too?:smiley:
(That’s how we got out of our last leasing contract)

Don’t get caught, then :smiley:


It’s weird. I told him there was something in his room at one point and he begged me to get rid of it, and then he turned around a few months later and told me to my face he didn’t believe in any of it.

I think you just gave me my solution. Time to ask Belial for a favor.
Can’t really think of better petty vengeance than leaving a portal open in our apartment. I won’t be so bothered. Things have made attempts on my life. He, on the other hand…


I don’t know Belial on a personal level but this sounds like a perfect job for him :smiley:
Yes, and you could turn the table by letting him experience really intense shit; then you could turn your cold shoulder against him and telling him that you don’t believe him :smiley: