Beware the Scam artists

Where I live in Northern Nj. There’s tons of Botanica’s. All my friends are some type of spiritualist,palero,Santero or Babalowus. This has become a big part of my life and I feel very lucky to say ,I’m being taught the right way by the right people. I went to see an old friend last night that was always into some type of magic. She’s the one that exposed me to it years ago when we were kids. She told me she was scratched into Palo Mayombe and she then showed me her pots. The stuff she showed didn’t make any sense. When I asked her if she had any human bones or skulls in her pots she looked at me like I was crazy. She said why would they have to have bones in them? I said Palo Mayombe is a form of necromancy. She said that’s working with the dead. That’s not Palo. I said that’s exactly what Palo is. Then she she showed me her Ochosi over her front door. Ochosi is the Orisha of Justice and the police. If Ochosi is used properly you can use him to keep the cops away. The first step in Santeria is receive Warriors from a Santero or Babalwu. They consist of Elegua,Ochosi and Ogun and Osun. But only a Babalowu or Santero can give warriors. A Palero can’t give Ochosi. My friends life is really fucked up right now, to the point that I have to bring her to my Godfather to fix the things that scam artists that just took her money did to her, by mixing and matching systems. These systems aren’t like working with demons. You don’t just decide let me try this spell to see if it works. The Priest in the religion you are going too performs a divination to see the problem. Then you are given the Ebbo to do to fix it. We rhe priest ask the spirit what has to be done. Not what we feel like doing. I tell people all the time you can’t read these religions from books. But I want to try some books that can educate people that don’t know. Because I’m tired of seeing people get fucked over by lazy pieces of shit.

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that’s sad. It sucks when people get scammed like that.

It’s messed up because a Palero can’t give Ochosi. Ochosi is in Santeria. And if u recieve Ochosi he would be with Ogun Elegua and Osun. When she showed me that I said sweetie I think u got ganked. Euio I’m sure u know alittle about that. She had an Elgua head in her Sarabanda pot as Lucero. I said why do u have an Elgua head in Sarabanda. She said Lucero lives with Sarabanda. I was like sweetie you should have your Lucero on the floor in front of your pot. Not in it. Have you ever seen an Elugua head as a Lucero? I’ve never seen that. All the luceros I’ve seen are a slab of concrete.

A lot of this happens when one is initiated into several traditions. They feel they can over step their bounds and make things they have no license or understanding to touch.

Not all pots will have human bones in them just as not all pots will have a crucifix or chains. It is dependent on the lineage and Rama of the house. Books and research can only take you so far. The best choice is to find someone already initiated and in a good house to help guide you on the proper protocols. Depending on the lineage of the house what you do may look nothing like what other Palero’s do or different protocols are in place. That’s what your godparents are for, to teach you.

I know a lot of paleros in different lines. They all have human bones in their Ngangas. It makes sense since it is necromancy. What lines of palo don’t have bones in their Ngangas?

If it didn’t have a bone in it. Isn’t that just a spirit pot like in voodoo?

Sorry lol I meant to type Skulls, not all have the entire skull in the pot.

Oh yeah about skulls. I don’t have one in myn yet because I’m afraid it’s too much power for me to handle

While I agree that it is wrong to fuck people over, I feel it is also the responsibility of the person seeking initiation to be knowledgeable. One of the easiest ways to find a scam artist is to see how that person makes a living. Do they make a living off the religion? Do they HAVE to do initiations to pay their mortgage, etc.? Red flag. I do want to point out that there ARE reputable people who only do this to make a living, you just have to be diligent about who you allow to initiate you.

I also want to add that for Ocha (Santeria) there is also the receiving of elekes as a first step. Sometimes, the reading moves someone straight to Warriors, sometimes you start with elekes and sometimes both. It just depends.

The mixing is bad, but the palero might also be a santero. Lots of people are initiated into both traditions. It is important to initiate Palo before getting crowned in Ocha (Santeria). Once crowned in Ocha (Santeria), you cannot initiate into Palo. At least she did that part right.

It sounds like this lady didn’t do her homework before just jumping in. You can’t just blindly trust any spiritual practitioner. Trust is earned, and it works both ways. I haven’t initiated into either yet, but I have built a solid foundation of some of the most knowledgeable paleros and santeros out there. I am blessed to have them in my life. The best way to approach these traditions is to be cautious and not allow yourself to be rushed into anything (another red flag). A good palero or santero wants to build a relationship with you PRIOR to initiation. This relationship building gives everyone an idea if you are right for that house and if the palero/santero is right for you.

it IS too much power to handle, which is why you should put one in when you are ready for it. remember you said you wanted power? well now you’re getting it, jay. so do what you have to do

You can get scratched once you get iniated into Santeria i know a few people that have done it that way. Though there are houses that I’ve heard that do it that way. The only way to know for sure what u can and can’t do is get Mano Orula.

From what I understand, once you are crowned in Ocha you cannot have anything else done to your head, including the scratching involved in Palo. Still, if you ask the same question to 10 different houses in Palo, you will most likely get ten different answers. This is why it’s important to find a house that fits and stick with it.

I don’t know your the one that said it. I can tell you as someone that’s scratched in palo in the ceremony nothing gets done to ur head. I’ve heard of asking your crowned Santo if you do something or not. But if Orula tells you palo is in your path or any other religion it’s safe to say you should do it. I have a few god brothers in palo that were told by their Prenda to make saint. Just like any other system they just want what’s best for you. They are ur guardians and protectors. The only difference is in Palo. Your guardians are like really strict parents. They’ll fuck you up if you don’t listen. Tough love I guess. I know people who Yemaya is their mom in Ocha. They say that she’s crazy if she tells you no and you don’t listen she will fuck you up bad. My friend is her son and he said when Mommy tells me to do it I listen. I Was almost homeless.

I came about my understanding from some extremely knowledgeable, initiated people who I trust. In rayamiento, you are not crowned with anything, but yes the head is included in the ceremony. If yours wasn’t, okay. Like I said, every house is different. <----That’s one thing I’ve learned on my journey. What’s right in one place is wrong in another (which is crazy illogical, but it is what it is). So, we shall agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

Yeah but anyone that scratched in palo shouldn’t tell you about what went on in there ceremony because your not supposed to tell people that haven’t gone throught it. That’s the fist thing they tell you after the ceremony. So I don’t know who ur dealing with. Doesn’t sound very knowledgeable or ethical its a promise that you make.

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