Bettering my Feminine Current

Recently I’ve begun to realize that as a guy I need to work more on my feminine side. I feel I’m overdosed on the sexual part of it and am missing the emotional part of it. I’m looking for ways to better balance myself. Typically Lilith is who people associate with the feminine current, but I seem to have a not-so-great relation with her. So does anyone know any grimoires or similar that can help me achieve this goal? Thanks in advance.


Freyja, Aphrodite, Tiamet, Venus, etc. All those entities are feminine/associated with the feminine current in one way or another.

Venus might work best, but that’s planetary and associated with love - which isn’t just restricted to the feminine but Venus seems to have associations with it.

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Could you explain a bit more what you are looking for? Getting in touch with your emotions is not necessarily “feminine”, men experience emotions too even if some men hide it. Are you looking for a goddess or spirit to commune with to help you remove the barriers as it were? To become more vulnerable? Just curious what you are looking for specifically.

Work with the moon. Lunar energies will balance out the more masculine solar energies. Part of the Great Work in ceremonial magick is what is known as the Chymical Marriage, which is a mystical rite to balance polarity within the self.

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I’m more looking for a pathworking that is focused on the feminine current. I’m focusing on myself and trying to work things out. But yeah, a goddess/spirit helping remove my emotional barriers would help. And one to help control my lust.

Have you considered a therapist? I don’t say that like its a negative, its just the issues you described might be good to talk with a therapist, especially one that caters to alternative spiritual paths. But the work you are talking about can be done in many ways. It just depends on what you connect with. Getting an idea of why you have so much lust, are you more lustful then average or does it just concern you because it is a distraction. Why do you have emotional barriers, were you emotionally hurt in the past and you started blocking emotions? This is some deep shadow work. It also sounds like you want a virgin goddess figure. I am also curious, you seem to connect lust with lack of emotional vulnerability, why do you make that connection?

Certainly. I have had great success working with Venus, as a planet. Bonus points if you do any sort of art. Art and Venus are a great way to tune into the feminine. I enjoy it because it doesn’t require ritual trappings.