Better watchtower evocation


anybody else not like using archangels during the LBRP?

i have an alternative.

before the archangels were used, and instead of the elements, stars associated with the fixed constellations of the zodiac were used. here’s the summary:

Earth = Taurus = Aldebaran
Air = Aquarius = Fomalhaut
Fire = Leo = Regulus
Water = Scorpio = Antares

anyone with a basic understanding of the zodiac and its elemental associations will understand why those signs are listed next to those elements.

depending on which system you use (and i use the golden dawn), the directions will differ, but mine are:

Earth = N
Air = E
Fire = S
Water = W

and for your convenience, here are three of the four sigils for the stars (they’re the small ones draw in red. also found in agrippa’s Three Books):





i can’t find Fomalhaut anywhere, but i haven’t exhausted my search of the three books. that said, there’s certainly nowhere online that i’ve found. if anyone happens to know where i can get this sigil, or if anyone has it, please PM or post here.

unlike daemonic sigils, the seals given above have been used for hundreds of years (if not longer, but i’m going by agrippa’s publication) and do not represent conscious forces like spirits. rather, they are more alchemical and akin to the planetary sigils. thus, although i could technically make my own, there is no dynamism to the force which could activate or empower it (however you want to look at things). rather, it would be a poor attempt at imitating a static, unchanging astrological constant, like making up my own sigil for mercury or venus.

by all means, enjoy! but i’d really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

kind regards, james.

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okay, fomalhaut was once worshipped as demeter/ceres.

their sigil looks like this:

there’s nothing else in agrippa, and there’s even some conflicting info online, so i went with what i could confirm from multiple, credible sources. this is, absolutely, the closest thing i could find. anywhere.

if anyone else comes up with something better, i’d love to hear about it, but at least we now have a full set. of course, the names are the important thing when you’re opening by watchtower, but still, i’m a completist.



i’ve never done calling of the watchtowers

and i’m in the process of obtaining the oak board for the altar, preparing a new temple to go with WoD and lessons from O.A.A.

i’n one newsletter E.A. said how effective it is. can someone give me a link where to find the whole ritual laid out, or a version which it would best fit to go with O.A.A. and the upcoming evocation course?

Hello in terms of OAA, I believe it is in the Third Flame? explicit instruction of (also a bit in fourth flame)…

also you mention the newsletter article about Watchtowers, which isn’t written the pop-magic step by step format, but I think actually has the steps you are looking for (?)

I don’t go corner to corner- - I’ll call and “stack” the energies upon each other (at times “call” all in the same “direction” (like a combination lock on a safe- L24, R17… etc) But most strongly I feel connecting in different vectors (thus directions, but not dir you can point, but how the mind pts ~facing dir in Rapture may not relate to geo-orientation) -that is after many yrs steadily doing GD type rites (throughout daily), where I did go around in circular progression corner to corner.

[sense a mist- a dark shadowy fog drifting in “through” the walls around you, not from “outside” you bld or rm, but from Beyond. Follow that path of where the haze came from- and look what else is there… call the first of the “Watchtower” Guardians… and look 360degrees and see what responded. lock that in as a foci.
Call the Next, lock that in (the 2nd) then integrate “thru your physical-axis” 1st and 2nd… then call the 3rd scan 360 to find a response to that… then “thru your physical-axis tuning-fork vib antenae” link that 3rd to the combo of 1st and 2nd. 4th etc.

 (once complete locking all 4- there is a sense of a fifth, but should have more of a completion feeling, rather than could keep going on... but unlikely will be in a "circular progression" and may be clustered in one dir.   often each time different.
  Do a handful of days- and note intuition rising (espec sense of place, and poss), as well as being able to change "heaviness" and vib in enviro.

I’ve never called the Watchtowers. The way E.A. described it in his newsletter seemed condensed and simple enough. It’s been something I’ve been giving thought to doing. I had looked it up a long time ago and it seemed to be a long drawn out ritual with plenty of props and posturing which just isn’t my thing. Hopefully when mastering evocation comes out E.A. will cover his method in detail.

calling the archangels during the LBRP is one method of calling the watchtowers. i don’t like using sentient entities of either angelic or daemonic natures. rather, i prefer to use elemental or cosmic (i.e planetary) energies, but if one is using elemental currents, it makes it hard to slant the ritual towards any one particular elemental force as it’s often a too-balanced system which becomes self-regulating.

cosmic energies are probably more practical, but using the classical planets presents the same problems as the elements if one wants to use the planets themselves, or the elements associated with said planets. foreign stars, on the other hand (especially those historically used as watchtowers), allow a wider-ranging influence than just about anything else, especially as they call in zodiacal influence.

just a thought.


What are your thoughts on incorporating S.Connolly style gate openings into something like this?

I have been reading Infernal Colopatiron and it seems like these method really take things up, yet to try things out though as I still waiting on her other books as I am not really familiar with her ritual layout

well the watchtowers aren’t gateways.

in fact what i wrote above has nothing to do with gateways or connolly’s stuff at all.

that said, i’m starting to incorporate the infernal colopatiron and the keys of ocat into my own work and i think there’s great potential there. for example, a basic item charging ritual. i would cast my circle, LBRP (including calling the celestial watchtowers as above), establish the first gate (east), draw down an elemental pillar of air to fuel the gate automatically while making the seal of the opener (it’s in the colopatiron), then move on to the next gate (south). i think i missed a couple steps, but no biggie. i’d then open the source gate behind the object i want to charge and direct the appropriate element into it.

alternatively, i’d open the appropriate element’s gate first, then the source gate and charge the item, then open the other three elemental gates for balance, ground remaining energy and close.

the watchtowers above are simply vibrated names which, in this case, replace uriel, raphael, michael and gabriel at the end of the LBRP.

btw, the “bow” spoken of in the colopatiron is analogous to crowley’s “rending of the veil”. i’m having a new ritual tool constructed purely for rending veils and dissipating energy structures. think of it as an anti-athame:)


Would be better off to just evoke the gatekeepers

Care to elaborate Necromaster? What attributes or aspects do the Gatekeepers offer in the opening of the Watchtowers that makes it a superior method over this or any other method?

When you call down the gatekeepers and do your ritual it is going to be a lot more powerful. The watchtowers in my opinion have nothing on the gatekeepers

Thanks for clearing that up.

I’m not really sure how to elaborate lol. It’s just something you’d have to do

I have to agree with Necromaster on this. I have performed several versions of this, but now that I am working through the OAA lessons, I started using the Gatekeepers. It is much more than I expected. This is my preferred method now.