Better control of energy

I am still relatively new to magick. Whenever I cast spells without grounding,some of my electronics will be damaged. Yet I don’t really want to do grounding as I believe that I can put in more of my energy into my spells or rituals to make them more effective. What are some of the ways that I can better channel my energy into the rituals without grounding?

Grounding is a means to clear out stagnant energy, energy that has “crusted” in the energy system that can cause ‘clogs’ and ‘blockages’

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Are you calling the watchtowers to stand around you when you do the spell? They help prevent outside interference and keep everything smooth as possible!
You might need a circle to focus your energy in one place or if you are using a spell candle then put a salt circle around it to prevent the energy from going haywire!
After your ritual eat something or drink a cold water! If you feel there is more energies in you then hold a crystal in your dominant hand and visualize it hold the extra energy! You can reuse the crystal later on other spells or when you need that energy!


Thanks for reply. I try that.