Bethalani - The Book of Oberon - Wish fulfillment ritual question

Well, here’s an interesting I can’t seem to find on here, so I’m going to ask if anyone here ever did any of these spells in the book, more specifically the one on page 407, and according to the page, this is the instruction that the page gives.

Whoever wishes to obtain for themselves something desired should examine this chapter of the work, and see how easily it can be fulfilled. Beforehand you must obtain a lapwing, and when you wish to operate, you
should extract its blood and carefully preserve it in a glass vessel, closing it
so that no air or impurities can enter. And when you wish to operate, go to
a secret wood with a bright sword in your right hand, and when entering
you should remember, you should arrive (?),begin to write on virgin
parchment with the above-mentioned blood: Bethala I in us (?) I suspensu
suspensus in ethera super ea enpeogidum pamelon anguis norius Egrippusi fons florisses de sede Baldachison saporisi Araarastano.
These are names of the necromantic art.
Afterwards rise to your feet, and make a squared circle as shown below, with the
same sword held in your hand, and standing in the middle of the circle, say the words
you have written two or three or four times, toward the east, as the time of the Moon
might require. When that has been spoken, you will immediately see a fair soldier
sitting on a horse, carrying a hawk on his hand. And he will say to you, quid vis quid
petis, cur vocastii me paratus ad omnia respondere et voluntatem tuam ad implere
[ “What do you wish? What do you desire? Why have you called me? I am ready to
answer all things and fulfil your wishes.”]
But avert your eyes from him, as though with indignation, and say nothing to
him, and then he will immediately depart. You should rest for a little while in the
middle of the circle, while he is departing.
Then rise again to your feet and face the north, and recite Bethalani etc. as before.
And immediately a second soldier will appear to you, even more fair than the first,
and more distinguished, on a horse, carrying a hawk like the first, and he will also speak like the first, but do not speak to him, but do everything as you did with the
first. And he too will soon depart.
For a third time, rise to your feet and say as before, Bethalani etc. facing west, and
soon a third soldier will appear to you, more noble and fair that the previous two, on
a horse, carrying a hawk on his hand, crowned with a golden diadem. And he will say,
ecce ad sum tota die fatigatus, et dicet, quid vis [“Behold, I am here the whole day, wearied” And he will say, “What do you wish?”] etc.
Then you may speak with him and examine him without fear, and petition him
for what [ + you wish] , and he will calmly respond, and will ask, vis societatem meam
[((do you wish my fellowship?"] But you should respond with discretion, and defer
that possibility to another day. When he hears this he will immediately depart. Nevertheless, in the morning you will discover what you desired. I have proven this many

And the square that was mentioned.

So, yeah like all of these instructions I wish they were clear, but it sounds to me like this ritual is a tall order. Mostly for the Lapwing blood, like I don’t know where to buy some or even if it is necessary. So, I in turn ask anyone here, are there alternatives to use this ritual and give me some clear instructions on what to do? Mostly wondering what do they mean by “Secret wood?” and what kind of wishes (again, really wish they were clear on what these entities are capable of, otherwise I assume they can grant literally anything), like I understand the whole ignore the first two fair soldiers,


Very interesting!!!

Maybe there is more related stuff in the Internet :grinning:

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I wish that was the case, I can’t find anything related to this, mostly because I enter the name “Bathalani” and still can’t find anything.

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Had to google Lapwings. Fucking plovers, as we call them here in Australia. They are horrifyingly territorial.

A lot of older rituals are meant to have a certain amount of reading between the lines. If there’s no common association you can find, like where “lapwing’s blood” is actually mage-speak for “the sap of an aloe plant” or some shit, I would not be afraid to make substitutions here. Generally your intent is what matters most. Like, if not a sword, a consecrated knife will do. If not plover blood, the blood of a chicken… or the juice from a bag of chicken livers.

This is just my personal interpretation obviously. But with intent and a bit of imagination you can’t go wrong. (Or at least, you can’t fuck something up so badly that it can’t be un-fucked with more magic.)


Well, I do have blood inks, like Dove, Bat, and Dragon blood, though not sure if I can use actual animal blood, I don’t feel comfortable with killing animals for the sake of a ritual (eating them for me is different). So, can blood ink be a worthy substitute?

Also thanks for the advice, I now just need to know what the hell is the Secret wood? Like is it an outdoor ritual that needs to be done within a gathering of trees? luckily, I do have some trees, don’t know if they count as woodland.

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Absolutely. I would never kill an animal with my own hand either, but what you have sounds like a great substitute.

As to the secret wood – I would take this literally to mean somewhere sequestered and outdoors, in a forest. If that’s not achievable, then use your best interpretation. The secret wood can simply be your temple room, or your bedroom, your bathroom; anywhere you can go that is private and quiet and where you’re not likely to be stumbled upon by outsiders.


Yeah, if it’s a Solomon magick, wouldn’t anything private be like a temple? Though the drawing that square in the dirt, may indicate that it has to be done outside? Like I do have a forest in this rural area by my Ranch, like this area where I perform my Norse rituals

So, either way, I’m covered on that part, if in need this is an outdoor ritual. Though I hope I can do this in the daytime, though that’s doubtful since it mentions the moon, is required…oh boy, already there are some kinks because this area is known to have Cougars and Black bears…I better pack some heat.


OK first I’m jealous as hell, that setting looks incredible.

If I had access to that kind of setting, you’d better believe I’d be out there doing rituals by moonlight. :laughing:

You may also want to just make it private, magically speaking, by performing a banishing ritual around the area prior to your actual ritual. And/or doing whatever you can that keeps cougars and bears away.

Very unrelated, but I find it ironic that everyone always talks about how my country (Australia) is full of creatures trying to kill you. I tell you what though, at no point do I ever step out my front door worrying about getting mauled by an apex predator. :joy: Best of luck to you mate.


I think that’s just because non-Aussies think just because you have Crocodiles, venomous snakes, and Razorbacks (yeah I saw the movie Razorback, never thought pork can avenge their fallen brethren), and the infamous Dingos, they think life is something akin to Africa or the planet Catachan (Warhammer 40k). To be honest I thought that way until you brought it up. I would’ve imagined I should approach the Rainbow Serpent to live in peace with all these deadly animals or something.

The reason I worried about the Cougar specifically, is because this beast is seriously buff (like he/she had thick biceps) like for real I was riding home with my sis-in-law and we saw this Arnold of a big cat stalking a family of deer (A doe and her child) and the fucker took off like the wind as soon as we honk the horn, towards the deer after looking at us. I think we made its list :worried: though that was a while ago, we haven’t seen the beast since, but I’ll keep caution.

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:joy: the most that’ll happen here is you’ll either get the shit kicked out of you by a cassowary (who have killed humans before), or a red kangaroo might square up punch you in the face. they’re about as tall as the average man, or a bit taller. but aye, gotta watch out for those bushpigs too.

Australia’s problem is more that we have a fuckload of venomous spiders and snakes that you won’t see until it’s too late. But I would honestly rather take my chances with a snake or a spider than walk out my front door worried about being mauled by a big cat or a bear.

always had this on my mind as a potential spirit to contact. but it feels kind of profane given I have no indigenous heritage. :thinking: one day, maybe.

and my apologies for derailing your thread :laughing:


Don’t be sorry friendo, at least this topic will show up in the activities. I did enjoy learning about Australia from an Australian’s perspective. Oh to conclude my thoughts and opinions on Australian fauna…I can why Cassowaries are deadly and seeing those toe claws, just reminds me of the childhood trauma I had from Jurassic park in regards to Raptors. I had nightmares of being clawed and eaten alive. Thanks, Sam Neil for the nightmares, by the way, because of that scary fact he brought to that one dumb smart ass commenter kid about Raptors (yeah as a little kid my mind was putting those scary images in my head of how Raptors kill their prey), and knowing Cassowaries exist made me scared of the Australian outback, at least if I see one of those damn birds up close and personal.

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Emus are the outback cousin of the cassowary… Cassowaries like to live in the jungle, where there’s ample cover for them to sneak up on you before kicking the shit of you and turning your insides to outsides.

Anyway, sweet dreams! :joy: