Bet time? (How to lose 15000 USD, trust in the anwers)

I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

10 months ago, I asked Lucifuge for riches in a betting game, solutions, I was an totally IGNORANT in the LHP that had barely been documented, but he said: Ok, ok, don’t get upset… Chill out sis (Lol)

The next day in the mournig the solution was fxcking there, a “solution” that required investment, time, tears… We were like: Ok, ok. THANK YOU!

I must admit that I doubt too much, I forgot it, but my mother (who is also with me in this) continued (that woman has an incredible will power and patience) and … I really don’t want to make the long story but we were about to earn fifteen thousand dollars yersterday! I corroborated the solution without even investing anything and for almost we earned fifteen thousand dollars! The result came out yesterday. I am crying with happiness and sadness at the same time.


But wait, don’t know worry, the “solution” of Lucifuge is STILL THERE waiting for a little monetary investment.

Personal breakthrough: I don’t think there’s a bit of doubt in me after this, somehow it unlocked me, i’m so grateful and happy
(and also want to cry and kick me in my face, but is ok)

Wait for news soon :slight_smile:


OMG share the love girl… lol Seriously though, how did you pull this off I could really use cash like that. :wink: :ok_hand:

Waiting for hearing. If u get nice slip ur welcome to Share it here. I also Will bet :wink: