Best ways for stronger evocation? Can anyone advise?

Hi all!!
I have been doing some evocation with some specific demons and can feel their presence without question. However with be being new at this, is there any particular way to master being able to hear or see them? I only sense them there at the moment but wondered of anyone had any advise??

Thanks for your knowledge :blush:

Practice, and exercises to develop the senses, such as scrying.

I find as a water element sign myself, I will use water (baths, streams,mist, storms) to elevate myself into a meditative state for a trance.
I first prepare the invitation for commune ahead of this time set aside for this enrichment.
I speak out the names of those I wish to commune with, (as time goes on perhaps they will reveal unto you a mantra they will want you yourself to use as special unto them)
And then I speak those mantras or enns I’ve learned or have been given until they manifest.
Then I say this-
“I invoke
I invite
I indwell”
And with each repetition I find the energy allows me to slip into this fabric and commune with them. But as it has been said, practice practice and focus.:slight_smile:

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Exercise omnipotence.

Thankyou guys! I have been scrying with a black bowl as have no natural waters near me. Hopefully the practice and continuence will bring me closer! With me continuing to evoke how often would you recommend? I want to be able to comunicate fully but dont want to do it too much. Thanks again for a helping :blush:

I would evoke twice a week and practice your scrying daily.

I should also add, meditate at least once a day as well, to help silence your mind so you can hear spirit communication.


While the following things aren’t mandatory, an evocation may be empowered by choosing a specific day and hour (after having calculated the planetary hours), incense, soft music and colored light.

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I meditate daily also :blush: and thankyou guys. Thankyou, i always do my research before i evoke any demon to ensure i have all the correct times/items, i have to with being new lol thankyou again everyone