Best way to remove Angel Insomnia

I keep haveing this one sent to me, maybe I should send it back.
But I don;t know I try to be the lessor of evils with guy, but anyone have any experince?
We couldn’'t for a while at nith, it would help me big time, but now he is like fuck off never sleep again. Anythoughts?

I had just posted this but I was having fun, and was getting good info, but some idiot posted a link that got the whole thread shut down, instead of shutting down the link everything got shut down.

I was warned about oh he must be a ‘powerful magician’ he will get stronger everytime you attack, WRONG! everytime he attacks me I get more powerful and he gets more stupid, now I am one of the most powerful in part of the country, next to him.

I have binded him with rytalyn and coffee, 360 mirror binded him and burried him in a combination of ant hill dirt, dirt and ice cubes but not before doing a rightmare ritual and this thing with the moon and summoning the angels of wrath to do an insomnia spell back.

The Angels are pissing me off, I may use Vine, Anyone have his enn or do I have to google it? to find the names of the angels keeping me up, call them up, mark them for damnation, bind them with the power of Abaddon, call on Azazel and then bind them and bury them with Satan if they keep messing with me. Then I will constantly use the Anti Angel Sigil before bed if this keeps up, so my angels better get in gear soon.

I am looking for some scary ass demons to frighten him with if it gets to that point, any suggestions? I hope not. I don’t have much to lose, just what little relationship I have left with this person so I hope for a sleep truce before it gets to that point, but after evoking a God of war I am starting to think like one.

You’re sure it’s an angel? And it’s not your sleep-deprived brain telling you that?

Speaking as someone who has had severe insomnia for most of her life, I can tell you that it can be caused by a variety of factors, most of them being of the mundane.

Go to a sleep doctor before resorting to anything drastic.


Why make 2 threads for the same purpose though?
People already gave you answers.
If you think they are idiots, and you are the most powerful witch in the country, I suppose you Google for the enn yourself.


Easy there, that reply with the link was the ONLY reply, this can be verified here: Best way to reverse angels of wrath insomnia spell

Insulting the one person who replied, and they had replied helpfully, is a bit rude, to be honest.

I closed and Unlisted it, so you can still see the reply perfectly well for any info contained. Yesterday your posts seemed a bit on the tipsy side, and I wasn’t sure how entirely serious they were. :thinking:

Anyway, I have moved, below, all the posts from another topic you made about this magickal war you are currently engaged in, and removed some of the replies which seemed likely to make it go awry, so those posts are below this response.


So this guy sent me demons before, that’s how I got into the forum actually.
We are in a light magick war now that could escalate. I should hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
If he sends me an attack demon, which one should I send back to him?

This is of necessity IF this happens, I don’t want to hurt him, in fact I really like the guy, but I have to start fighting back, after another 4 days with out sleep, nearly overdosing on seep pills an alcohol and valume just for a measly 2 hours of sleep a night, yeah I think this is something, it is practically his signature magick spell that he goes to. I want it resolved, Fuck it I want my demon so scary and I want him demanding this guy meet with me to talk it out already!

Azazel and maybe Azrael?

We talk Astrally, things went from honey moon back to witch vs warlock now

The opposite is true, for every attack it just makes ME more powerful.
A magician never backs down in the face of fear. If you wussies can’t find a furious demon, I suppose I will have to do it my self!

When he first attacked I was hardly practicing, Now I am one of the most fierce witches in my side of the country… My plan is to attack minimally, I could destroy this person, but the only thing left for em to lose is his friendship mores so. so I want to keep it light.

Okay so I just gave him an insomnia bind, binding him with extra strength rytalin and coffee and lots of it, did a night mare ritual, curvered him in ant hill dirt as well as other dirt, 360 mirror binded forsure and use the powers of the moon and cursed him with the angels of wrath twice.
I will use dangerous amount of drugs and alcohol to sleep, after that I sleep for 2 hours or so. yay!
I think from here I will be going to war with these angels, I no longer give a fuck how powerful they are.
I will start by finding them through Vine, anyone have his enn or do I have to google that too.

Then I will be call them on every day and everytime they keep me awake and marking them for damnation, binding them the power of Abaddon, attacking them with Azazel and his black sword, and calling on other spirits far more worse that I am forbidden to even talk about. Then maybe I will take the angels themselves and burry them with Satan!

Guy can have this removed, just remove this bullshit and talk to me in person and stop being a fucking pussy ass bitch!

I’d suggest all three following spirits against them:
Glasya Labolas

Vine Enn– Eyesta nas Vine ca laris


Why did you ask for help in the first place if you are all mighty and powerful? Man these people…


Why not using your own fury, then?


Hey yeah sorry I was rude to people, I was in a terrible mood not sleeping, that was not good of me. I will try to be better in the future. Oh and I got a message from Timathy and have looked at the guidelines, thanks.

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