Best way to make use of Divination

I have some of doubts regarding tarot reading or divination. Firstly, I read that most of the spell casters base their spell based on the reading or divination. Then the reading or divination is in turn based on the spell that is being casted(as per my knowledge). How is this possible? If there is mistake in my understanding, kindly point them out. Moreover, what is the best way to make use of reading or divination?

Not sure what you mean, but…

There’s a war going on. A muddy boots soldier, a five star General and a battlefield whore all perform separate Taro divination concerning that war and guess what? They all get different answers even though they asked the same question! This is because they all got correct answers based upon their attitude. When I use divination I get answers fit for a King, because that’s the attitude with which I ask.

Hope that helps.


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