Best way to enter the darkness?

Your thoughts about it

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Why the darkness? It tends to hurt like a bitch when I stub my toe on something in the dark.


Darkness as state of mind…

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Throw yourself into it. Get into as many dark systems and rituals at once … Draw near to the darkness, it will draw near to you.

Personally, I was all darkness at one point 100% concentrated satan in a can, but after awhile it kinda messed around with my head
honestly, that might just be me I cant go 100% dark side.
Don’t get me I prefer the Dark over the light trust me if I could split my self into a percentage of light and dark I’d probably be 80% demonic in my energy and about 20% angelic.
It’s like being in a black tunnel with a lantern.

Now as to how to go full Darkness try @C.Kendall’s darkness challenge.
it’ll help ya a lot with what your looking for.


A state of detachment
and no limitations.

Just be careful the abyss is immense and can swallow you whole.