Best way to ensure getting hired

Hi Magi,

I am unemployed right now, I have found a job posting which is perfect to my preferences in every way. I have the right skills to excel at that job also. I would like to use magick to ensure that I get this job.

What could I possibly do from the perspective of magick to ensure that I get hired for this job??

Thanks in advance.


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King Paimon got me a job. Him or Belial are good


I have worked with King Paimon once, he got me what I asked for :slight_smile:
King Paimon it is :wink:


In all honesty, persistents. Don’t be anoing, but stay on them till they hire you just to get you out of their hair.




Has always worked for me, before I became disabled. It shows determination and commitment. Two things most employers are looking for.

Best of luck to you.:wink:


Thanks @Ozraga :slight_smile:


Body language and communication. Be confident in yourself and what you are capable of. Use the imformation given to you in the question to formulate an answer based on a similar experience to what has been asked.


What they said + glamour!!! Glamour glamour glamour!


Thanks All :slight_smile:


Put a petition signed into a plate and over it a transparent pyramid (not necessarily quartz crystal, can be glass), around the pyramid light four orange candles anointed with some attraction oil (cinnamon is a good option), spread laurel leaves around, pray to some deity accordingly to your system, to put you in evidence. I use to pray psalms, they can be very effective.


I had a job interview today and I aced it and got my pick of hours. I evoked Belial yesterday to help me with job skills and he said he didn’t need to because I already had them. So he asked me to think what else I might need. I told him I would like to influence the recruiter and the supervisor interviewing me. To completely win them over and make advocates out of them for me. So that whenever my name came up going forward they would speak highly of me.

Belial smiled and said that was good I was thinking magically instead of practically. The supervisor that interviewed me seemed to hang on my words and he skipped a lot of the interview questions!

I asked Belial afterwards to explain how he got this to work. He said it was easy he told me before the interview that I was a “honey pot” which I brushed off at the time as a sexual joke. He explained after that my strength is I’m very attractive to the point that its like a magnetic field people get stuck in. So he just said “honey pot” and my subconcious got his meaning and turned on the charm but conciously I didn’t get it.

He said a lot of people focus on their weaknesses and trying to improve them instead of focusing on their strength. Success lies in moving forward without fear.


I suspect the words honey and pot are unlikely to ever be used within the same sentence about me - barm and pot may well be more appropriate.

I may need to resort to the Belial tactic…

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I’ve found Marbas to be quite helpful, in terms of jobs. Got a gig for instant cash, and a couple bigger projects are coming together, and apparently Lord Belial is in on it as well, that’s an intense first experience there. Might be surprised to find you’re not a stranger to these beings.

when i had no job and i was having very little expectations to find something good i was very preoccupied…
i remember that i saw for the first time the sigil of Belial in a video on youtube,called cosmic hammer…this sigil made me stay in ecstasy,due to the beauty and power that it emanates…
then i came here and started to look for informations about the King but i had no idea in how i could get close to him but i knew that the things could be scary to reach this point lol…
to make the history short
for the first time i felt the difference between the spirits,said to myself,fuck,so this is what a king can do,gave me a job in the first interview in a place that i was not even 100% qualified to join but for my surprise i learned in the way day by day,more opportunities appearing,courses that the company started to pay to me,so many good stuff i even went to college again…

so yea i can say that when he do something for us,he do the whole package of improvement,total transformation of reality…

honestly not everybody can align himself with him,i saw people that stoped in the way because they were weak and after te first spark of contact with him,they felt terrorized

I wrote a letter to King Paimon before sleeping on the day of my posting this thread.
That night I had the most vivid dream, I could remember all of it.

I was in a local vehicle and the driver took me where I wanted to go. When I paid him the money, he should have given me the change back. Fellow kept me waiting for some time for some unknown reason, after insisting he gave me more money than he should have given me. Then I got up counting the money and realizing that he had given me more money.

Not sure what to make of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughts on this dream?

I’m surprised seeing that no-one recommended The Magickal Job Seeker by Damon Brand.

You should check it out, might help your cause.