Best way to deal with negative thoughts and feelings


no matter what i do i can never rid myself forver i have done so much to stop the feeling it makes me feel alone , worthless and uselees i just feel like giviing up and being a couch potato and just sleep i cat afford theapy or have insurance to pay for it im almost 18 any advice… what i can do to rid myself of this negitivty


Have you tried working with the Spirits and honing your skills spiritually? I mean, obviously you need movement, to be propelled in a direction. Start small, keep clean, pray and talk to your Spirits. They aren’t there just when you need something super cool or tangible. Build a relationship with them. In the process your self-respect will go up. Watch your thoughts and your intake period. Intake of who your listening to, watching on tv, anything! Keep it simple and pure. You’re really young and we all have had these phases (most). Go for walks and call them Spirit missions and see if you can get signs. Sage your house, cut energetic cords to negative people, places and things by (ask him) visualizing Archangel Michaels sword and violet light. Use selenite crystal Wands to purify your etheric aura and so on. Keep it simple until you’ve covered the basics to getting yourself up and moving, doing things and cleaning, etc. Good luck.


Save your money on therapy and practice meditation. It will allow you to naturally alter and regulate your brains chemistry.


Music is your best friend. Listen to high vibrational music and songs that make you happy. You’ll notice a change.




I suggest that you work on balancing your chakras
meditate on each chakra
removing its blockages starting from your root chakra and working your way up
As well as charging it can help realise toxic bullied ups and help you restore the energy flow in your system that reduces anxiety leve and depression.


I’m gonna have to agree with you. I’ve been cleansing my Chakras via music and felt a great difference in my Life.


Shadow work done in small bits and pieces can be a good way of dealing with this too.


Meditation on what you’re doing to improve your current situation; aim to align you’re thoughts more closely with reality ie. accepting that the steps you’re taking carry you closer to your goal. This is also useful when you’ve just performed a ritual but you find yourself obsessing about it. ( Especially if you have to wait for a while before you’ll have the opportunity to see the results manifest fully )
If you’re not taking steps to improve your life, then there’s your problem.


This is a non-magical answer but what really helped me is the “fake it until you make it” method. It will feel weird and wrong for the first little bit, but the longer I faked confidence and worth, the less it felt like faking. Practicing regular self care helps too! Even if it’s just the good ol’ Drink More Water and Eat Vegetables stuff you always see. Meditation and self reflection also help. You gotta know yourself to love yourself.


I’d also add,just for completeness check for parasites - some of them feed on this kind of energy and deliberately cause it, like they’re milking you.

You can also visualise it as a being that you can separate from yourself and banish, which was how I dealt with a large part of my depression years ago… I say, a part, because negativity can have multiple sources and the more you have the more you gather, but getting rid of each one, one at time, makes it easier to recognise root out the next.


that +meditation, I agree.


In addition to all these other very good pieces of advice, watch comedies and comedians and have a good laugh. Laughing is such a simple way to raise your energy level. I love to laugh, I laugh at work with my coworkers, I laugh at home while watching Netflix. Laughter is an easy solution to many problems.


all of these are perfect remedies. Do ALL of them. :slight_smile:


I might add, regular sea salt baths for clearing yuck.


spiritual bath correct ?


Yes. CKendall posted a whole thread on these, too.


If you have no tub, bring saltwater in the shower and coat yourself.


i take them alot before i do any craft love spirtual bath for love craft etc


Do them for non magic dear…