Best types of candles for Lucifer

I gave Lucifer a gift last night. A bowl with Lindt chocolate. Pretty sure he got it because my candles (5 red votive candles) were melted down in less that 2 hours. As in the the candles became puddles of themselves and didnt burn/evaporate in the normal way candles do.

Does anyone know what candles/where are some better ones that are strong enough to withstand this? I found those at Walmart, unfortunately. So I fear they were cheaper than expected. Otherwise I may just buy 5 white prayer candles. They seem to hold up well enough and I know where to get blank unannointed ones.

Also, same question but different. Need good candles for evoking King Paimon the first time. What color suits him?

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King Paimon likes Dark Blue and black.

And on the candles, i get mine online from amazon, there okay quality and are pretty cheap, but when i want high quality ones i go to a occult store, irl or online it doesn’t matter, there candle can get expensive but they really are worth it


Alright. Thank you very much. I guess walmart candles just can’t stand up to the light of Lucifer :sweat_smile:

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