Best times for love spells

What is the best time to do a love spell? More specifically, can I do one on a Saturday?

Friday in the hour of Venus


I think it often depends on the type of spell and which entities you’re working with, if there really is a more auspicious time to do it.

Saturday during the hour of venus is good for marriage. Check your natal chart to make sure the moon isn’t void of course (don’t just go by the mundane moon).

Friday and Monday are good

You can do it whenever you wish. If you must follow astrological correspondences, then the herd principle is on the day and hour of Venus, i.e. at some time on a Friday. However, remember that love is right here and now in the unity of all things: it’s not operational according to some schedule. The time-based correspondences used are just an easy to satisfy our typical mental structure of dividing experience into “time units” like days and years etc. Correspondences are aids not the truth although they can appear to be undeniably true when you work with them.

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I try to do in thursdsy night, close to friday.monday night close to Tuesday, ,and fridays, and lady eva say Saturdays is whit all passion is. Now new moon can be anydayso follow you gut.