Best time to through a curse

Hi everyone since Mars is in retrograde, what exactly is the best time to through an effective curse including moon phases/planetary hours?, I´m counting till the retrograde ends pretty much lol

You can attack whenever you please.

Waning moon, the night hours of Saturn or mars on their respective day. Check the moon in Scorpio for extra oomph.

Although that’s true, the planets influence your magick greatly if you do it at the right time.

I mostly attack via psionic methods, and leave the arcane for banishing and other works.

I cannot recall if psionics- and the dissolving power of the rate- is affected by planets.

Hey, 999th post!

Hi,one of my friends,taught me,tuesday,midnght,& saturday,afrter,8 pm.bcse saturday,is saturn good to banish,get rid,etc,and tuesday,for revenge,dark good,also plz say new moon is good,it depend at sistem,tradition.but i will go 4 tuesday nght.and saturday, luck.

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Do you have, or can you run, the Chronos planetary hours program on your computer/phone?

If not, PM me which time zone you’re in compared to GMT and I’ll PM you back the planetary hours of Saturn and Mars. also has the hours as well as a lunar calendar.

Definitely a bookmark worthy page. Thx Euoi.

Yes, cheers for that, my days carting about Chronos prints are over! :slight_smile: