Best time to evoke ? Exactly at midnight? Or 1:00 AM?

Hi guys,

I’m about to evoke Lucifer, what is the best time?
Exactly at 00:00 midnight or 00:30 AM?

Does it even matter? Because there’s a lot of energy with the transition to a new year…

I have to say hi to a couple of people and family, then I will retreat back into my bedroom and I start the evocation.



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In my opinion, I would say any time within the first hour.


Okay thanks :smiley:

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The witching hour, 3:40 A.M to 5.40 A.M . Though It varies tradition to tradition !

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Why? To me it doesn’t matter its just the calendar that we follow.

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Some modern magician’s will say that 3 am (the witching hour), is the best time to perform magick of any sort due to the natural thinning of the veil that occurs by then.

But to answer your question, I will agree with @DarkestKnight and add it usually doesn’t matter when you evoke. The entities that you evoke will at times suggest you evoke them at night or whenever they feel like it.

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The best time is when everyone else is in bed sleeping.

I have found that I generally get the best results 1-4 am.

find out the planetary day and hour for your entity and use that

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