Best time to call gods of lust

Anyone suggest what is the best time to call any god of love and what is the color of candle for them?

Typically red for lust, 3 am seems to be a general power hour, or you could work on a friday and in the hour of venus if you go that route, those hours always change though.

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How many candle big bro? Thanks for info

Up to you

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As @Justin said, the time of day for evoking a god of love doesn’t matter unless you want to take advantage of planetary hours. If you do, then Friday is traditionally the day of Venus, and, with the time of your local sunrise and sunset and an online planetary calculator, you could time your evocation within the Hour of Venus as well (planetary hours are rarely 60 minutes long and it only matters that your ritual start within the wanted planetary hour and does not matter if it goes over it).

As for candles, red is traditional for Love, but, again, it doesn’t matter. White or black are good basic colours for almost anything. Colour only matters if you are working a system that uses the correspondences. Any size will do. Some members here have even used simple tea lights.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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