Best spirits to torture victims

Some entities will inflict migraines on victims, and others will induce fearful nightmares. Some entities can cause one to feel like they are being poked with something sharp. Who are some of the best torturing spirits that have any of the above mentioned traits, or others of this caliber. Please tell us where we can look up these entities, etc.


The astral plain, it’s full of annoying little shits like that.


Disodoria, the Demon of Madness from Kingdoms of Flame. She whispers into the ears of men and makes them do bad things.


If you approach them right, the Furies. They bring maddness, jealous rage, and ultimately the victim’s destruction by their own hands. But they mostly are only interested in victims who have broken an oath to you, as they are spirits of revenge. Or at least, that is my experiences with them



Azazel; he taught mankind the art of warfare according to the Book of Enoch. And that means not only swords…:face_with_hand_over_mouth: You need to ‘translate’ this into our modern time, into your own daily life. He can help with any kind of struggle by empowering you and passing the right weapon. I called upon him for a curse a couple of years ago and it worked fine.


Not necessarily demons but these entities for sure can do torturous things to people. Have you ever worked with “shadow people”? Have you done a binding on a parasite to an object or vessel? If you’re experienced enough you could bind one of them to an object, place the object in the box, and send it to your victims house anonymously like a “Trojan Horse”. When they open it and touch the object, the entity will be released into their environment (like a modern day Pandora’s Box). There’s a little more to it then that but I assure it can be done and it’s not hard to come up with your own version of this.

Another option is to get a demon or chthonic spirit to help control and contain the shadow or parasite within the container you have the object placed in. Belial can do such a thing but most spirits that enjoy teaching necromancy or have expertise in it might also be willing to help.


Any idea how to summon them. I have a traitor that must be taught a small little lesson


Pretty standard evocation works, but allow your hatred to help fuel their manifestation. Originally, they were just known as the Erinyes, and were believed to have been born from the blood of the castrated Uranus. A later author gave the three spirits the names Allecto, Tisphone, and Meagaera. I have evoked them by just calling the general group together as the furies, but they also respond a bit better using their individual names. Blood, your fury and wine seems to be suitable offerings




Meagaera is one of the furies that i worked with. Wine libations are in order. She also has a sexual aspect.(which means she can give you a rather raw sex appeal when trying to bind someone). If you worked with Pan it probably won’t be difficult to call upon her. (Using grand words about her beauty, even a poem). Classical demon :slight_smile:



Excellent news



Sabnock. Will make an enemy develop some sort of horrible sickness and mentally will go crazy.


I have done almost exactly this one many occasions

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Who are the furies??

They are spirits from Greek deities of Revenge who dwell in Hades. They were mainly involved as those who delivered punishments on broken oaths and other social crimes

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Dantalion. He can put any thought you wish into someone elses head.

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