Best spirits fortune telling

I’ve attempted to call Vassago into a dark cup filled with water. After doing more researched i learned he wouldn’t come because the moon wasn’t on the right day, and since he is one of the 72 demons of the goetia he won’t answer into such primitive ways of communication(which made me feel stupid because i’ve been scrying for almost an hour. Can anyone mention another spirit(angel or demon) that is accurate at fortune telling and will answer by water scrying. Additional information on the spirit would be helpful, because i want to know about it first.

You may want to try working with spirits like Mepsitahl, Paralda, or Sastan. They are all excellent in helping to develop the skills that are necessary for seership. And whoever said Vassago won’t show up because the moon is not on the right day is full of shit. It does not really work that way. Keep scrying and trust yourself that when you call a spirit it will come, anytime and on any day. That or buy the mastering divination course. Everything you ever wanted to learn about fortune telling and beyond is in it, it’s well worth the price and may save you a lot of time and frustration. =)